Five Ways Legal Tech is Changing the Future of Law

Lawyer using computer to complete legal project

Technology is redefining the legal field. It is the new normal in an industry that has long been viewed as traditional, conservative, and relatively slow-to-adapt. Technology brings disruption. You need to be prepared. At Lupl, we are proud to offer a next-generation matter management software. Our innovative legal tech offers a better way for law…

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Legal Tech Startups That You Should Know About

The legal industry is enormous. According to data cited by Statista, American law is now a $350 billion dollar per year industry—and the growth has been more over the last five years than has been the national economy as a whole. In a hyper competitive environment, many law firms and legal departments are falling behind.…

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Emerging Legal Tech Trends of 2023

Lawyer using the latest legal software

The use of new technology continues to spread rapidly in the legal industry. With every passing year we see more and more new innovations. Yet, many firms and departments are still struggling to implement effective technology in their practice, with many in the profession believing that their firm or department needs to do more to…

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Why Lupl Chose to Pursue SOC 2 Compliance in its First Year

We are excited to announce that Lupl recently completed its SOC 2 Type I audit – just a few months after its commercial launch. SOC 2 is an international gold standard for security and requires a significant cost and time commitment to obtain, so it’s no surprise that few early-stage startups prioritize in such a…

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How Virtual GCs Use Legal Tech to Power Client Relationships

For early-stage startups, hiring a General Counsel is rarely at the top of the list. Product, engineering, marketing and sales almost always take priority. But for a business to scale successfully, especially where investors are involved, having the right legal foundations – intellectual property, company setup and governance, founders’ agreements, investor paperwork, employment – often…

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Good Demo / Bad Demo

At Lupl, we recently tore up our demo script. It had served us well enough…but something was missing. So, we ran some internal discussions on “Good Demo / Bad Demo” – a kind of retro on every demo we ever did, and every SaaS demo we ever attended. Our goal was to level up our…

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Pros & Cons of Using Smartphones for Legal Work

Smartphones, for many legal professionals, are a blessing just as much as they are a nightmare for other legal professionals. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you land on, two things are pretty much certain: (1) smartphones are here to stay; and (2) no matter how much you may resist it, you will likely…

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How Law Firms Can Avoid Ethic Violations When Using Legal Tech

Lawyers collaborating on a legal project

We’ve said it before: Legal Tech disruption is “an inevitability.” Law firm and legal department adoption of legal technology, however, still remains slow. The resistance in part is due to ethics and the fear of violating the rules or codes of professional conduct. This fear is real––ethics has not yet quite caught up to the…

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Hands on with Lupl – Legal IT Insider

Legal Insider event 2021

It was great to spend some time with Caroline Hill and Legal IT Insider last week. We love giving experiential demos of Lupl. There’s no better way to bring the platform to life than to follow a user through the platform as they collaborate and move their legal matters forwards. Caroline’s article in #TheOrangeRag does…

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