What You Don’t Know About Legal Matter Management in 2023

You work on matters every day — collaborating with your team, seeing what updates are coming in, talking to outside counsel and clients. You know all about the challenges involved in legal matter management and you know how it works. Right? Well, maybe not as much as you might think.  How legal teams are managing…

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Where Lupl Matters…Managing an International Regulatory Project

Lupl helps move legal work forward on International Regulatory Matters

What is it? Regulatory frameworks are legal mechanisms that exist across most sectors and around the world. They are designed to control and monitor organizations and sectors in order to protect consumers, investors and the environment, among other things. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules in line with its cultural and constitutional values,…

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What’s the Matter? Matter Templates and how they can work for you

Get 40% of your time back with Lupl Matter Templates

What is a Matter Template & why are they valuable? Matter Templates, as the name suggests, are templates for your legal matters. They contain all of the ingredients that make up a matter, such as tasks, documents, pins, (i.e., links to frequently used websites and reference material) and milestones (i.e., important dates and targets). Think…

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5 Powerful Features of Lupl You Might Not Know About

Let’s be honest, legal technology has been slow to move with the times. With only 37% of law firms currently using legal tech, many lawyers are forced to battle with systems that are clunky and impractical. So unsurprisingly, 60% of lawyers are dissatisfied with their tech stack.1 2 But all that’s about to change. New…

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