Why Lupl is All You Need for Legal Task Management

Did you know 48% of legal departments claim that improving processes and workflows is a top priority?1 And did you also know that task management is central to achieving faster, more effective workflows? After all, what is a workflow if not a series of tasks to be done? Good task management works because it: So…

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What Lupl Can Do to Improve Legal Knowledge Management

Two men in business meeting

Did you know that only 14% of law firms believe that technology is driving efficiency and productivity to its full potential? Or that law firms currently invest just 1% of revenue on innovation projects?1 2 It’s no surprise, considering the challenges of implementing new tech in an industry that is known for being slow to…

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Unlock The Full Potential Of Lupl With The Use Case Library  

Lupl use case library is now available

In the dynamic world of legal project management and collaboration, adaptability, and innovation are crucial. We at Lupl, the leading LPM and collaboration platform for legal professionals, understand these challenges and continually strive to equip you with resources that enhance your use of our platform. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight our Lupl Use Case Library…

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Can Legal Tech be Trusted in 2023?

Young woman looking at computer screen

Legal tech. You’ve heard a million times how it’s going to improve the way you work. But in reality, it often does the opposite, inflating your tech stack and making processes more complicated. It hasn’t lived up to its claims, so why trust it? Because legal has got it wrong. It’s not the fault of…

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What’s the Matter? How Matter Templates Can Work for You

Get 40% of your time back with Lupl Matter Templates

What is a Matter Template & why are they valuable? Matter Templates, as the name suggests, are templates for your legal matters. They are the starting point. They contain all of the ingredients that make up a matter, such as tasks, documents, pins, (i.e., links to frequently used websites and reference material) and milestones (i.e.,…

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12 Best Legal Matter Management Software Tools in 2023

Woman multi-tasking on phone and computer

Let’s be honest, legal case management can be hard. You’ve got to communicate with everyone: colleagues, clients, and internal and external counsel. There are sensitive documents, research, and case information to manage and store. Then you’ve got all those checklists of tasks to assign, track, and tick off.  To make matters worse, legal tech has…

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5 Powerful Features of Lupl You Might Not Know About

Lupl app security

Let’s be honest, legal technology has been slow to move with the times. With only 37% of law firms currently using legal tech, many lawyers are forced to battle with systems that are clunky and impractical. So unsurprisingly, 60% of lawyers are dissatisfied with their tech stack.1 2 But all that’s about to change. New…

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5 Lessons From Law Firm Data Breaches

Computer hacker stealing data

Law firms hold a treasure trove of sensitive information. Contact information. Personal data. Information that might be damaging to clients’ reputations. And yet, compared to other industries, many law firms don’t protect this information as securely. This lack of proper security has been demonstrated in the number of recent high-profile law firm data breaches (as…

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Shifting from a Product-Focused to a Value-Based Website

Kalina Leopold's podcast

Kalina Leopold, Lupl’s Senior Manager of Customer Success & Growth, recently had the chance to sit down with the folks at Pathmonk for a chat about Lupl’s market and growth strategy. Lupl helps legal teams and law firms easily organize, track and collaborate on legal matters. With so much happening in the legal matter management…

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Legal Workflow Software for Up-and-Coming Practice Areas

Lawyer typing on computer

The legal industry is constantly changing. With new technology, including legal workflow software, being developed and regulatory changes happening all around the world, some legal practice areas are booming in 2022. While the legal sector saw overall growth last year, certain practice areas are disproportionately responsible for the recent rise. At Lupl, we are the…

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