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Managing your legal workflow just became easier with the Legal Technology Platform.

In Singapore, Lupl is partnering with all the key players to deliver features that matter to lawyers and their clients.

Introducing Lupl

Lupl is powering the Legal Tech Platform (LTP), a core pillar of the Legal Tech Platform Initiative (LTPI). Here's what you get by adding the LTP to your legal workflow:

Give your team superpowers.

Got more going on than you know what to do with? We hear you! Lupl is the easiest way to organise your matters and bring order to the chaos.

Dazzle your clients.

Lupl is an all-in-one toolkit for collaboration, whether that's with individual clients, within the legal department with business colleagues, or with your outside counsel.

Know what’s happening.

Lupl gives you a real-time, 360-degree view of who is doing what and how it’s going, so you and your team are always in the loop.

Connect your tech stack.

Lupl’s plug and play platform lets you connect your organisation’s existing tools, like Slack, Google Drive, SharePoint, DocuSign, and much more.

A World’s First Partnership

The Legal Technology Platform Initiative (or LTPI) is a world-first partnership between Lupl, MinLaw, and the industry to accelerate the digitalisation of the legal sector in Singapore.

The LTPI is an initiative of MinLaw's Technology and Innovation Roadmap, a sector-wide plan to promote innovation, technology adoption and development in Singapore's legal industry.

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You can learn more about Lupl on our international site.

The Legal Technology Platform - Building features that matter to lawyers in Singapore.

Singapore lawyers who sign up for the LTP will not only benefit from Lupl’s core offerings, but also access to specific integrations with Singapore institutions, public agencies and tech vendors. Plus the peace of mind of having your data stored in Singapore!

Want to learn more?

Lupl’s global platform is widely available as of October 2021 via our international site.

Interested in getting your hands on the LTP? Register now and we’ll get in touch as we gear up for the LTP release in 2022!

Vendors & Partners: supercharge your go-to-market strategy.

We think the LTP is going to transform how lawyers and their clients work in Singapore. And it’ll be great to have you onboard.

If you’re a tech or knowledge vendor with Singapore-specific offerings, drop us a note and our Singapore team would love to catch up with you over kopi.

We’d love to hear from you

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Lupl and the LTP?

We are working with the Singapore Ministry of Law to build a range of Singapore-specific features and functionalities on top of Lupl's core Platform. It's the same platform but more deeply aligned with the needs of Singapore-based lawyers, with some features (e.g. data localisation) being only available to Singapore-based LTP subscribers.

How much will the LTP cost?

We’ve canvassed feedback from the industry to make sure the LTP pricing aligns with the needs of small and medium-sized law firms in Singapore. We’ll be sharing details of our Singapore pricing in due course – which will include an option to sign up for free!

Is security and privacy factored in?

Yes! We’ve completed several industry standard reviews and security assessments. When we launch the LTP, it will also come with a data localisation feature so that sensitive data remains in Singapore.

Where can I see a full list of features and functionalities for Lupl?

Head on over to our international site to see the latest list of features and functionalities offers by Lupl. We’ll be announcing a list of LTP-specific features and functionalities soon!

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