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Lupl's Team package is designed for small teams of 2-10 people, with the price starting at just $29/user/month (paid annually). The package includes:

  • Unlimited Matters
  • Unlimited Matter Templates
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Outside Users Free

Lupl: Tailored for the Modern Legal Practice

Workstreams (Teal)

Plan with Precision

Navigate each phase of your case with ease. Develop your strategy from the ground up with Lupl Workstreams, replicate a successful precedent, or let AI construct the optimal plan for you. 

Custom Template (Coral)

Organize & Execute

Consolidate all necessary documents in a single location. Simplify task management and secure approvals swiftly with Lupl Forms and Workstreams, maintaining a clear overview of all your work. 


Leverage your Expertise

Capture insights and feedback seamlessly with Lupl Forms. Leverage your experience using Lupl Templates to optimize workflows across every transaction or case.