Lupl Workstreams

Workstreams are a highly flexible tool to manage tasks, budgets, processes and lists – everything in one place (instead of all over the place).

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The Ultimate Legal Project Management Tool


Plan with Precision

Craft a comprehensive scope of work, budget, and work plan for your legal matters using templates, a previous matter, or Lupl's intuitive building blocks.

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Effortlessly Organize

Dive into Workstreams to access a robust toolkit for advancing legal work, while customizing with endless scalable Custom Columns.

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Seamless Delivery

Instantly export Workstreams to Word and Excel, facilitating easy sharing of work with clients and stakeholders, whether they're within or outside the platform.

Build Workstreams with AI

Lupl AI streamlines Workstream setup - forward emails or use text prompts to build tailored plans, enhancing deal, project, and case outcomes.

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Revolutionize Your Legal Workflow

Workstreams are versatile tools that simplify complex tasks and ensure organized and timely execution, transforming your legal project management.

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Limitless Customization

Craft tailor-made Workstreams using unlimited custom columns, from approval statuses to advice organization.

Information Intake (Coral)

Automated Information Intake

Unlock the potential of Lupl Forms, automating data intake for Intake, Local Counsel Tracking, and Status Tracking.

Intergrate (Coral)

Effortless Setup

Choose from 10 types or create custom ones, such as Budget & Proposal, Intake, Checklist, Tasks, Documents List, Approvals, Issues List, Counsel Tracker, Process, and Work Allocation.

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Simplified Sharing

Achieve real-time visibility with auto-export to Word and Excel, seamlessly sharing Workstream snapshots with stakeholders inside and outside the platform.

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