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A shared workspace, specifically designed for legal workflows.

Meet Lupl, a better and easier way to share documents, communicate securely, manage matters, put knowledge to work, and get legal work done together.

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Lupl Benefits

Why Lupl Matters

Work better together.

Organized and on track.

Get and keep everyone on the same page, from the beginning to the end of the matter.

Real-time visibility.

Always know who's doing what and how it's going.

Secure and compliant.

Rest easy. Lupl is encrypted, sector-secure, and SOC 2 compliant, with protection of confidentiality and privilege baked in.

Bring your own system.

Connect with your favorite tools and systems and bring the moving parts together in one place.

Move your work forward.

A powerful suite of communication, collaboration, document sharing, knowledge and legal project management tools to move legal work forwards.

Beautifully simple.

This is legal tech that's simple, intuitive and enjoyable to use, whether on your phone or at your desk.

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Law Firm Solutions

For Law Firms

Law firms of all sizes use Lupl to collaborate better with clients, colleagues and other firms. The result - stronger and closer client relationships, more effectively managed projects and teams, and better outcomes.

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Legal Department Solutions

For Legal Departments

Legal departments around the world use Lupl to streamline processes from start to finish, gain real-time visibility into project status, capture and reuse knowledge, and work more effectively with business clients, legal department colleagues, and outside counsel.

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Adoption has grown faster than anything we’ve experienced for any other legal technology platform. We’ve found that the simplicity of the user interface and the ability to integrate with our document management system have meant we’ve been able to get this rolled out across our firm quickly and without the need for heavy training.

Lee Eng Beng

Senior Counsel and Chairperson of Rajah & Tann Asia

Lupl Community

What people are saying about Lupl.

Co-developed with extensive input from legal departments, law firms and others around the world, Lupl is more than just software: it’s the central hub for an increasingly open and connected global legal community. Our co-development partners are united by a belief that there is a better way to work together.

Great people who have provided input along the way:

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