Manage your legal disputes from one place

Obtain greater visibility over your entire dispute process and get to a resolution faster – all with Lupl’s legal project management platform.

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Overcome Your Legal Dispute Challenges

Knowledge Management (Teal)

Enhanced Views

What happens in court/arbitration can change the course of a matter, making it difficult to predict what’s up ahead. Get full visibility over the entire process with Lupl. See who is reviewing what and by when and keep track of costs, at a glance.

Documents (Coral)

Streamlined Communication

Documents and pertinent info is often scattered across countless tools and systems. This wastes valuable time and resources. Instead, achieve greater collaboration and smoother workflows by uniting all your tech, documentation, and communications into one easy-to-use legal hub.

Transparent (Teal)

Progress Visibility

From due diligence reviews to interactions with regulators and reporters, witness interviews and filing applications – there are so many moving parts. But with Lupl you can capture and share knowledge and progress all from one place. Enable quick, secure cross-team collaboration.

Team Processes (Coral)

Proven Processes

Often, lawyers have their own way of doing things. But this is how things get missed, which in turn exposes your firm and your clients to unnecessary risk. Reduce risk with Lupl matter templates. Save time by systematizing repeatable processes and ensure all the necessary steps are followed, and no knowledge is lost.

Lupl: Your Legal Project Management Toolkit

Get all the tools to manage documents, deadlines and teams in one legal project management platform. Work smarter with milestone planning and reusable matter templates. Lupl is designed to be easy to use and doesn’t require any training.

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Built with Insights from Industry Leaders

Built with Insights from Industry Leaders

How Will Your Team Use Lupl?

Lupl supports legal teams across all matters — here’s a few examples.

Real Estate (Teal)

Real Estate Disputes

Keep track of documents, evidence and deadlines. Resolve disputes on time and on budget with a legal platform that ensures everyone remains on the same page.

Collaboration (Coral)

Shareholder Disputes

Easily access all your case information from one place. Enable greater collaborative case strategy and save time whilst delivering better outcomes for clients.

Save Money (Teal)

Financial Investigations

Accelerate investigations with a platform that integrates with all your other tools and systems. Enable your legal teams to securely collaborate with all parties quickly.

Legal Tech (Coral)

Class Action Lawsuits

Centralize where you keep research and prepare pleadings and submissions. Plus, appeal decisions and resolve disputes quickly from a powerful 
all-in-one legal hub.

What Others Have to Say...

Group 1045

“One of the issues we have to navigate on large transactions is the sheer volume of unstructured communications. Having a tool to bring all of that together is very exciting.”

General Counsel
Global Investment Firm