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Simple and powerful ways to manage what needs to get done.

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Lupl is for Getting Things Done

Customizable (Teal)

Plan with Precision

Easily create and manage tasks for each phase of your matter with Lupl Workstreams. Start from scratch, replicate a proven strategy from a past matter, or utilize Lupl AI to build a robust task list effortlessly.

Custom Template (Coral)

Organize & Accelerate

Connect tasks with relevant documents, all from one central location. Simplify task management with custom columns, allowing you to track progress across all types of matters.

Key (Teal)

Knowledge at Work

Quickly capture insights and feedback with Lupl Forms. Make the most of modular Lupl Templates to streamline workflows, optimizing efficiency across all your projects. 

How Lupl Helps with Task Management

Enhanced Productivity

Start simple with task management.

Transition to Lupl seamlessly with the familiar interface of tables, equipped with advanced filtering, sorting, and custom column features. Keep meticulous track of your workload, prioritizing tasks based on urgency and assignee.

Stress-Free Transparency

Say goodbye to missed due dates.

With Lupl, every task is well-scoped and managed, ensuring automatic notifications, reminders, and updates for the task assignees. Maintain transparency and stay ahead with detailed task lists accessible in Lupl or exportable to Excel or Word for comprehensive planning.

Integrated Knowledge

Template your way to efficiency.

Leverage the power of ready-made templates to streamline and bring consistency to playbooks, task lists, and knowledge management. Share customized views with your team, fostering knowledge integration across the firm and facilitating seamless onboarding for new hires.

Dynamic Collaboration

Collaborative and effortless task capture.

Elevate team productivity with Lupl's user-friendly task manager, designed specifically for legal professionals. Utilize forms to simplify work collection and management, reducing back-and-forth communications with standardized work requests.

Evolve & Scale

Seamlessly evolve into a powerful project management tool. 

Adapt to the growing complexity of your matters effortlessly with Lupl. Expand your task lists into multi-faceted workstreams, encouraging collaboration among colleagues, clients, and subject matter experts. Connect to your Document Management System, transforming Lupl into a self-service Legal Project Management Tool.

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What Others Have to Say...

Group 1045

“One of the issues we have to navigate on large transactions is the sheer volume of unstructured communications. Having a tool to bring all of that together is very exciting.”

General Counsel
Global Investment Firm

Explore Lupl Use Cases

The Lupl use case library showcases how legal professionals boost their practice, resulting in increased efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for their law firms. Endlessly flexible, there's no limit to what you can achieve with Lupl.

Welcome to the Future of Managing Legal Work. 

With Lupl, lawyers have a new way to collaborate within the firm, with outside counsel, legal service providers, and with their clients.

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