Manage all your matters for corporate deals, all in one place

Take control over the day-to-day management of your corporate matters. Lupl is tailored to support a corporate law team work more efficiently, within one simple-to-use platform.

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Overcome your Corporate Law Challenges

Timelines (Teal)

Stay in the Loop

Keeping track of all the moving parts of corporate matters, all while keeping your clients happy, and staying on top of ever-increasing workloads is no easy feat. But don’t let tech be the sticking point. Lupl enables quick tracking, reviewing and communication with all stakeholders.

Tools (Coral)

Dynamic Collaboration

Managing multiple teams working on complex corporate transactions is tricky. And the truth is a heavy reliance on non-legal tools can complicate matters further. But Lupl is legal-specific – giving you easy version control and clear oversight as to who is working on what and when.

Transparent (Teal)

Transparent Progress

It’s challenging tracking progress against deadlines when information is fragmented across calendars, spreadsheets and emails. Track progress at a glance with Lupl. All your information, statuses and documents in one central hub.

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Say Goodbye to Siloes

Information can often slip through the cracks, deadlines get missed and clients are left frustrated. Instead, enable quick, secure comms for all stakeholders within Lupl. Plus, teams can communicate within documents and use Lupl to keep all relevant parties updated.

Lupl: Your Legal Project Management Toolkit

Get all the tools to manage documents, deadlines and teams in one legal project management platform. Work smarter with milestone planning and reusable matter templates. Lupl is designed to be easy to use and doesn’t require any training.

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Built with Insights from Industry Leaders

Built with Insights from Industry Leaders

How will Your Team Use Lupl?

Lupl supports corporate law teams across all matters — here are a few examples.

Merger (Teal)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our matter template makes it simpler to manage an M&A transaction from end to end.

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Venture Capital financing

Managing a Venture Capital financing matter can be accelerated with clear oversight of the process.

multi projects (Teal)

Incorporating a Startup

Bring startup innovation into a larger organization while ensuring all legal requirements are managed smoothly.

Agreements (Coral)


Launch an IPO or other equity capital markets venture while managing the legal complexities.

What Others Have to Say...

Group 1045

“One of the issues we have to navigate on large transactions is the sheer volume of unstructured communications. Having a tool to bring all of that together is very exciting.”

General Counsel
Global Investment Firm