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How 10,000 Lawyers Redefined Legal Collaboration

You know what it’s like when a new app is added to your tech stack. It’s meant to enhance collaboration,…

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Where Lupl Matters… Corporate Due Diligence

What is it? Corporate Due Diligence (DD) takes place in the early stages of buying a company. It is led…

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What You Didn’t Learn About Legal Project Management in Law School

Law school taught you a lot. But amid the lessons on black letter law and how to give legal advice,…

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Collaboration: When the least change is the best change

Here’s a foundational question for you – has the way the legal industry works really changed that much over the…

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5 Powerful Features of Lupl You Might Not Know About

Let’s be honest, legal technology has been slow to move with the times. With only 37% of law firms currently…

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Lupl at ILTACON 2022: Our 4 Key Takeaways

This year’s International Legal Technology Conference (ILTACON) has come and gone, with more than 3,000 attendees passing through its virtual…

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