Empowering KM & Innovation Teams with Lupl

Lupl enables Knowledge Management and Innovation teams by fostering collaboration, efficiency, and strategic growth.

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Lupl is for Innovative Knowledge Managers

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Capture Knowledge

Easily assimilate knowledge and feedback with Lupl Forms. Transform tacit knowledge into dynamic playbooks with templates, optimizing workflows across all matters.

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Foster Collaboration

Cultivate a learning environment and knowledge-sharing culture among legal professionals with Lupl’s collaborative features promoting insight-sharing and continuous learning.


Leverage Technology

Integrate Lupl seamlessly with your existing tools, amplifying your firm’s capacity to utilize technology and experience in future cases, deals, and initiatives.

How Lupl Helps with Knowledge Management

Enhanced Productivity

A better way to get legal work done. 

Lupl serves as your firm’s ultimate toolbox for managing legal projects.  Whether it’s delegating tasks, syncing on crucial milestones, or managing follow-ups, Lupl ensures everything is handled meticulously, providing a unified approach from the start of a matter to its completion.

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Near-Effortless Adoption

Tech adoption made simple.

We understand the importance of tech adoption and onboarding. With intuitive templates from partners like LexisNexis, Lupl makes it easy for your team to hit the ground running. Say goodbye to complex training and hello to quick time to value. With Lupl, turn your firm and client playbooks into templates, bringing tangible, actionable knowledge and processes to your firm. 

Knowledge Capture & Distribution

Elevate your firm's knowledge.

Lupl is not just another project management tool – it's a knowledge powerhouse.  It acts as a conduit for capturing and sharing knowledge, ensuring insights and expertise are disseminated effectively, and driving uniformity and excellence in the delivery of legal services. 

Your Tech Stack

Works with the tools you’re already using.

Enhance your tech stack without the overhaul. Lupl’s smooth integration with your existing Document Management System (DMS) and other platforms means you can improve efficiency without the disruption, ensuring a seamless workflow. 

Secure & Compliant

Manage legal matters without the compliance headache.

Security and compliance are our priorities. Lupl is engineered with legal sector security, privacy and compliance requirements in mind. Learn more in our Trust Center.


What Others Have to Say...

Group 1045

“One of the issues we have to navigate on large transactions is the sheer volume of unstructured communications. Having a tool to bring all of that together is very exciting.”

General Counsel
Global Investment Firm

Explore Lupl Use Cases

The Lupl use case library showcases how legal professionals boost their practice, resulting in increased efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for their law firms. Endlessly flexible, there's no limit to what you can achieve with Lupl.

Welcome to the Future of Managing Legal Work.

With Lupl, Knowledge Management Officers have a new way to help their firms collaborate internally with outside counsel, legal service providers, and their clients.

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