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Lupl Features

  • 1. See what’s happening.
  • 2. Know what needs to happen.
  • 3. Do it in a single, powerful platform.

The Loop

A real-time, 360-degree view.

Get a bird’s eye view of everything. Quickly identify what’s on track, how the team’s doing, and what needs your attention today.

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Get your day started with a clear head. The Loop provides a detailed snapshot of all your matters, giving you the who, what, where, and when.


From The Loop, navigate your day. Go directly into My Matters. Review your activity. Put knowledge to work. Start collaborating.


Now that you’re in the know, let’s get to work. Easily communicate, collaborate, assign, share, organize, draft, review, compare and sign. Within your organization and between firms and clients.

Matter Management

Everything you need to move things forwards.

From the beginning to the end of every matter.

Quick Setup

Creating a matter on Lupl takes less than 10 seconds.

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Add Collaborators

Add team members, whether they’re inside or outside the organization, with a couple of clicks. No IT involvement to add team members to your matter because Lupl is one platform for all users.

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Powerful Project Management

Manage the scope, track the status and make sure deadlines are met with a toolkit that includes tasks, milestones and status reporting. Lupl is simple, intuitive legal project management.

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Matter Templates

Time to stop reinventing the wheel. Access a growing range of off-the-shelf templates from Lupl’s community. Suggest a new one via our community. Or build a custom template for your organization and start putting knowledge to work.

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Security and Compliance

Lupl has been built from the ground up with legal sector security, privacy and compliance requirements at the forefront of our approach. Things like encryption, conflict checking and protection of confidentiality and legal privilege are baked right into the platform. We definitely didn’t make life easy for our development team because we (and the leading global law firms, financial institutions and others in our Community) put them through endless security processes and penetration testing programs. But it was worth it because it means users of Lupl can use the platform with confidence that it meets even the most stringent legal sector requirements. Our platform is SOC 2 compliant, an international gold standard for security.

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In less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

More Features

But wait! There’s more!

A toolkit for success.


Whether you need to communicate or work together to draft, review, revise, or share documents in real-time, Lupl facilitates collaboration across teams and organizations.

The Feed

You’re busy. And so, to help you declutter and remember, we offer The Feed. It allows you to quickly see who’s been doing what and when.

My Activity

From one location, review all matters and tasks assigned to you. Use the feature to efficiently prioritize and plan everything you have to do and/or manage.

Mobile-First Design

Our mobile-friendly app was intentionally designed with the idea that you want to “see,” “know,” and “do” work from anywhere even if all you have access to is your smartphone.


Confidentiality and legal sector security, privacy, and compliance requirements are baked into the platform. Plus, when communicating, automated warnings identify who sees what you write and share.

Great people who have provided input along the way:

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Experience Lupl

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There’s no better way to understand how Lupl can transform your law firm or legal department’s productivity than by seeing it in action with a member of our team leading the way.

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