Welcome to the Future of Managing Legal Work.


Lupl helps legal teams optimize workflows, simplify matter and task management, and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Overview of the New Lupl

Welcome to the new Lupl, the game-changing update set to revolutionize how you manage legal projects. We've been diligently working on this update, fueled by your invaluable feedback, and we're excited to present a host of cutting-edge features tailored to streamline your workflow.


Unleash the Power of Organized Workstreams

Seamlessly organize, manage, and execute distinct phases of matters with Workstreams. Customizable fields, dynamic sorting, and advanced filters empower you to tailor your approach, while scalability ensures you can meet the evolving demands of your clients.

lupl workstreams

Transform Project Coordination with Forms

Revolutionize how you gather and organize vital information with Lupl’s Forms. This no-code form builder automates and centralizes responses within Workstreams, eliminating the chaos of scattered emails and disconnected memos.

Simplify Legal Projects with AI

Lupl’s AI technology saves you time and allows you to focus on your expertise while the technology handles the administrative heavy lifting.

Workstreams (Aqua)

Email Magic

Seamlessly create new matters by forwarding an email to Lupl. Plus, email attachments will automatically save in Matter Documents so you can easily find crucial documents buried in your inbox.

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Scope Generation

Easily generate a matter in Lupl using a straightforward text prompt. Obtain a tailored roadmap to success in under 60 seconds.

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Tailored to You

Customize LuplAI based on your area of law or jurisdiction, integrate your preferred AI model, and infuse your firm's distinct requirements into matter opening and closing checklists.

Custom Template (Aqua)

Secure & Compliant

LuplAI prioritizes the security and compliance needs of your firm. Your input never serves to train the model, and every action adheres to our rigorous SOC 2 and ISO-aligned controls.

Supercharge Workflows with Integrated Know-How

Unlock the potential of your firm's legal knowledge. This dynamic feature empowers you with a customizable template library, to leverage past successes and best practices for new projects. 

Matter Templates (0.6x)

Stay on Track with Enhanced Views

Get a comprehensive overview of matter progress, with dynamic real-time progress indicators and the ability to sort and group by client, criticality, and more.

Enhanced Views (0.6x)

All Lupl Features

Lupl offers an extensive array of features designed to empower your team in handling various tasks efficiently. Explore these capabilities below.