Organize matters and collaborate with colleagues and outside counsel.

Don’t have 6 months and unlimited budget to configure and rollout a system to organize and manage your team’s work? Done with law firm portals? Meet Lupl…

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Lupl is the easiest way to:

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Organize your matters

Got more going on than you know what to do with? We hear you! Lupl is the easiest way to organize your matters and bring order to the chaos.

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Collaborate with colleagues and outside counsel

Lupl is an all-in-one toolkit for collaboration, whether that’s within the legal department, with business colleagues, or with your outside counsel.

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Know what's happening

Lupl gives you a real-time, 360-degree view of who is doing what and how it’s going, so you and your team are always in the loop.

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Connect your tech stack

Lupl’s plug and play platform lets you connect your firm’s existing tools – it’s like a force multiplier for tech adoption in your firm.

How Lupl helps you.


Document collaboration, without pain and compliance headaches.

Looking for a simple, secure and compliant way to share files and collaborate on documents with your outside counsel and others, while keeping them in sync with your Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Net Documents or iManage? Look no further!

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Works with your company’s existing tools.

Finally, a collaboration tool for legal that integrates with your company’s tech stack. With a growing list of integrations, Lupl helps you connect all your tools and get them working together in a way that’s specifically designed for legal work.


A shared desk with your outside counsel.

So you want your outside counsel acting like an extension of your team…but everyone falls back to email. Things that should be easy, like sharing documents or just communicating…are way harder than they need to be. Everything is easier when you have a shared workspace for you, your colleagues and your outside counsel.

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Experience a better way to organize and move work forwards.

In Lupl, you can create and track matters, assign tasks, coordinate on key deadlines, and automatically chase things up so nothing gets dropped. And that’s just the start. With Lupl’s matter toolkit, things finally feel organized. Everyone is on the same page, from the beginning to the end of the matter.


Put Legal’s knowledge to work.

Too often, knowledge and repeatable process for legal matters are just out of reach at the moment they’re actually needed. And business users cannot self-serve when there’s no repeatable process to follow. Lupl’s workflow templates bring knowledge and process to life in a practical, actionable way.

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Sector-grade security, privacy and compliance.

Lupl has been built from the ground up with legal sector security, privacy and compliance requirements at the forefront of our approach. Things like encryption, conflict checking, records management and protection of confidentiality and legal privilege are baked right into the platform. Learn more about Privacy and Security in Lupl.



Tackle more with less.

The “more with less” challenge is real. More work, less budget, less time.

That’s why Lupl works right out of the box, in 57-seconds, with no training, no setup costs, and a freemium approach.

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Manage Legal Work from One Place. Not All Over the Place.

Discover modern matter management features for Legal Departments in a free demo today. 

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