A legal technology platform for busy solo & small practices.

Lupl has everything you need to move things forward in one place (instead of all over the place).

No credit card, no time limit.
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Lupl is the easiest way to:

Dazzle your clients

Your clients will love having access to their documents, deadlines and case information in a beautiful, intuitive workspace, on the web, desktop and mobile.

Manage your cases and matters

With Lupl’s integrated suite of case and matter management tools, you’ll have everything you need to move your work forwards.

Store and collaborate on documents

Lupl gives you a real-time, 360-degree view of who is doing what and how it’s going, so you and your team are always in the loop.

Connect your tools and systems

Lupl integrates with a broad range of document, practice and case management systems, so you’ll have everything in one place.

A secure workspace for client collaboration.

Become a seamless extension of your client’s team with a shared workspace. Collaborate on documents, communicate effortlessly and report status without a thousand emails. And unlike client portals, you’ll be up and running in minutes, not months.

How Lupl helps you.

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Experience a better way to move work forwards.

A Lupl matter is like a toolkit for moving legal work forward. You can easily assign tasks, coordinate on key project milestones, and automatically chase things up so nothing gets dropped. And that’s just the start. With Lupl’s matter toolkit, things finally feel organized, and everyone is on the same page, from the beginning to the end of the matter.

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Put your knowledge to work.

Too often, knowledge and repeatable process for legal matters are just out of reach at the moment they’re actually needed. Lupl’s workflow templates bring knowledge and process to life in a practical, actionable way. You can even allow clients to self-serve, freeing you up to build your practice.

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Document management and collaboration.

Looking for a simple, secure and compliant way to manage your documents and share them outside of the firm? Lupl has version control, integrated comparison, huge file size limits and unlimited storage*

*See www.lupl.com/pricing for more information.

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Works with your existing tools, or connect new ones.

Finally, a tool for legal that integrates with other tools and systems. With a growing list of integrations, Lupl helps you connect all your tools and get them working together in a way that’s specifically designed for you.

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Sector-grade security, privacy and compliance.

Lupl has been built from the ground up with legal sector security, privacy and compliance requirements at the forefront of our approach. Things like encryption, conflict checking, records management and protection of confidentiality and legal privilege are baked right into the platform. Learn more about Privacy and Security in Lupl.

Explore other use cases

Let clients self-serve

Lupl’s matter templates let you guide your clients through a self-serve workflow. This helps them understand what information you need from them…and frees you up to build your practice.

Secure client chat

Working with clients doesn’t need to require a thousand emails. With secure, cross-org chat, you can communicate securely with clients and track it all as part of the matter record.

Document scanning

Do your clients regularly need to send you KYC information, passport scans etc? Lupl’s mobile app has integrated document scanning, so they can scan it right into the matter.

Practice management and billing

Lupl offers a range of practice management and billing functionality via integrations. Contact us to learn more about how we and our partners can offer an end-to-end solution for you.

Your next matter?

Lupl is flexible enough for any type of legal work.

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Built with input from an international Law Firm Working Group.

Did we mention it takes 57 seconds and it’s free?

You can get started and access core features for an unlimited period FOR FREE! And setup takes 57 seconds.

See all Features and Pricing for Law Firms at lupl.com/pricing.

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