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10 Use Cases for Lupl Forms 

India Preston

India Preston

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    In the legal industry, where coordination across multiple jurisdictions and the management of diverse tasks are common, efficiency is key. Lupl Forms transforms the way legal professionals handle administrative-heavy, time-consuming matters. In this blog post, we'll cover 10 strategic use cases that showcase how Lupl Forms can be a game-changer for legal teams, simplifying processes, enhancing collaboration, and reducing coordination efforts.


    Coordinate a multi-jurisdictional review

    Cut out the relentless email traffic and eliminate your reliance on your inbox and Excel to project manage your international regulatory review matters. You can collate fee quotes, advice, questions and invoices from local counsel in any jurisdiction using Lupl forms. Without so much as sending an email! You can even specify the input fields, ensuring uniform responses. It’s a game-changer for these admin-heavy, time-consuming matters and guaranteed to reduce your coordination effort by half.

    Collect and handle data subject access requests at your firm

    Create a form for the intake of DSARs at your firm. Provide access to the form to all staff and handle these requests centrally as they occur. You can use additional custom fields to handle your deadlines, assign each DSAR and track progress in workstreams.

    Collect information requests during a due diligence process

    Design a custom Lupl form for requests for information during a review. It ensures you’re getting all the information you need in order to respond, reduces the noise in your inbox and provides your team with one central place to triage and track all requests.

    Gather tender submissions from suppliers during a procurement process

    Build a custom form to provide to suppliers during a procurement process. It ensures uniform data collection, providing for simpler analysis and comparison. It reduces the lift usually required to organize and share this information with your team.

    Manage your client intake requests

    Centrally manage your incoming client instructions using an organized intake system. Collect essential client information, such as contact details, legal needs and conflict checks with specified fields and improve client onboarding efficiency.

    Collect information from witnesses before trial

    Gather essential information from witnesses during pre-trial or deposition preparation. Automatically collate this information into one central workspace, closely linked to key documentation and processes mapped out in other workstreams for your matter.

    Gather team updates ahead of a client reporting cycle

    Tailor a Lupl form to send out to your team ahead of your client reporting cycle. Gather specific details required by your client in order to produce your report. Once you’ve collated the responses, hit download to extract the information or simply let your client in to review and provide comment.

    Gather time estimates from individuals across several teams when putting together pricing for a new client matter

    During the pricing process for a new client request, share a form with your wider team to gather their expectations of scope and time to complete the work. Request specific information required by each team to formulate a reasonable estimate. It simplifies the process, reducing the back and forth and the time it takes to interpret different sets of data.

    Gather essential information required for a rankings submission or client pitch

    Business Development teams can use forms to coordinate the collection of case studies, career experiences and other essential information from Associates and Partners during a rankings submission or client pitch. Specify the format and content of the responses and quickly track your response rate. Centrally store the responses for reuse in future submissions or pitches.

    Collect feedback from clients and lawyers at the end of a matter

    Create a form for gathering feedback from your client and your team once your matter comes to an end. This can be a neglected part of the process and yet it’s so important for embedding lessons learned and growing your team. With Lupl forms, this can be a simple, unified and inclusive process.

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