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News You Can Use – June 2024

Whitney Stout

Whitney Stout

Lupl's News You Can Use
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    Hello June! ☀️

    As summer approaches, our team is fired up to put the finishing touches on some exciting new enhancements and integrations. In the meantime, this past month, we saw the release of even more improvements to our DMS integration and ways to organize workstream items.

    With GPT-4 now available for over a year, more legal community members are stepping up to share their insights on how this tool has revolutionized the efficiency and adoption of best practices. Also in this issue, discover how Hugo Arellano, head of the CMS Dispute Resolution team in Luxembourg, is leveraging Lupl to transition from selling time to selling services. We also delve into the benefits of a firm adopting a “blank page” approach to change management and provide insights on how to effectively introduce GenAI tools to solve practical problems early in the adoption journey.

    Join us as we spotlight the success of legal teams leveraging Lupl and reveal some of the great features we recently released! 👇🏼

    What's New in Lupl

    what's new in lupl december

    This month saw the release of exciting enhancements to support more complex workflows and seamless document management.

    🗄️ Improve Support for iManage on Premise with our new DMS integration 

    Plus, we now have full support for NetDocuments with our new integration on all platforms - Web, iOS and Android.

    📍 New In-App Onboarding Journey 

    After answering a few questions, new users are provided a walkthrough of the app customized to their role - improving the onboarding experience with Lupl.

    🗃️ Mid-Matter Archive Download

    With our new Mid-Matter Archive Download, you can now create an archive of Matter communications and activity without needing to close your Matter first, giving you more control over your workflow.

    🔍 New Workstream Item Filters  

    Enhanced filters that let you group workstream items, hide completed tasks, and more!


    Speak with our Sales team to learn more or schedule a Lupl demo, or experience our new 2 min. interactive demo here.

    Discover How Your Peers Are Utilizing Lupl

    Next gen legal teams use Lupl to manage everything from M&A, Litigation, Regulatory matters and Real Estate work. We enable firms to seamlessly organize, manage, and execute distinct phases of matters with Workstreams, capture information with Forms, and integrate the firm’s playbooks and know-how into Solutions Templates, all the while providing real-time visibility into progress across matters. Each month, we showcase a different use case to inspire and empower your practice.

    USE CASE - Collaborate on a client pitch

    This month, we're showcasing how the CMS Dispute Resolution team, which has lawyers across 84 offices acting for clients all over the world, is using Lupl to facilitate a shift to a better way of working—a shift from selling time to selling services. Hugo Arellano, Partner and Head of Employment & Dispute Resolution in Luxembourg shares how using Lupl impacts the team's profitability.


    Challenges: While it's the norm in other industries to use a centralized system to apply a project management approach to service delivery, many legal teams are still managing work primarily via email and team meetings. This results in time inefficiencies by increasing inbox traffic, gathering information scattered across systems & documents, and the number of meetings held just to report status and follow up on the file.


    Lupl's Impact: Lupl brings matter management into one central space and allows everyone on the team to see who is doing what and how that work is going. Email traffic is reduced, and when a meeting is held, everyone enters with a shared understanding of the status, clearing the time for more strategic discussions. Using a centralized system like Lupl, the team can better identify more opportunities to streamline their approach to planning, delegating, and delivering work.


    The Future of Legal Work: 
    Hugo's exploration of other industries' work management approaches has led him to a stark realization about the future of legal services. "Today, everyone sells services, except [lawyers]…We need to change now because if we wait five years to make the change, it is going to be too late; everyone else will have done the changing, and we will be the last." Driving efficiency and repeatable processes is a key part of Hugo's "services, not time" mindset. With Lupl's easy and simple ways to repurpose work into templates and playbooks, Hugo envisions Lupl Matter Templates as a tool that could someday be rolled out to the entire firm, enhancing efficiency and increasing revenue for all.

    Take a closer look at how the CMS Dispute Resolution team uses Lupl to streamline processes and maintain a shared understanding of progress.

    IRL / URL

    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL) and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • What If Your Law Firm Had a Blank Page for Legal Tech? Anthony Widdop, a management consultant specializing in change and transformation in professional services firms, explains why traditional change management is outdated. He emphasizes that existing legal systems and processes must be designed to keep pace with the rapid advancement of GenAI tools. When a firm completes a two-year change program, its outcomes are likely already obsolete. To avoid being left behind, firms must accelerate their internal pace of change, especially concerning genAI. While many firms start with low-value, low-risk tasks for genAI implementation, Widdop argues this is too conservative. Instead, firms should systematically review all services and processes to identify new growth drivers and integrate genAI capabilities into routine tasks. He concludes that firms successfully leveraging genAI will position themselves at the forefront of innovation in this evolving ecosystem.
    • Legal and Gen AI - Use cases and 4 other insights from the field. In this article, Carl-Axel Dahlin of CMS Wistrand recounts some of what he learned from working with OpenAI's GPT-4 over this past year. He highlights the importance of creating a use case map to address real-world problems, ensuring practical applications that align with firm goals, reduce non-legal tasks, and enhance management buy-in. The article underscores the value of identifying and supporting enthusiastic lawyers, or "explorers," who can drive AI adoption and refine use cases. To foster broader acceptance, the article recommends hands-on training and workshops to encourage a proactive mindset among lawyers and advises balancing specialized and generic AI tools to match user skill levels and evolving needs. In conclusion, he stresses the importance of fostering a collaborative environment with colleagues and industry peers to maintain momentum and encourage continuous innovation in the rapidly evolving legal tech landscape.
    Upcoming legal events that Lupl will be participating in

    Legal Tech Talk

    Europe's Event for Legal Transformation. LegalTechTalk is the place to learn about the latest innovations in legal technology and how you can use them to improve your practice. Get in touch by replying to this email to book a meeting with the Lupl team.

    🇬🇧 London | 13-14th June, 2024 

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