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10 Use Cases for Lupl Workstreams

India Preston

India Preston

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    Workstreams are an infinitely flexible way to plan, organize and deliver legal work. Here are 10 easy ways Workstreams can streamline your next matter beyond pure task management.

    Build and manage a budget

    Tired of building a budget and scope in Excel, Outlook or Word? Build and manage your scope, budget and assumptions with Lupl’s prebuilt “Budget” workstream. Keep everyone informed of status, spot risks early and reduce write-offs. Easily export to Word or Excel as a fee proposal or status update.


    Track issues and risks

    Maintain and manage an Issues List or Risks Register for your deal or case. It’s easy for relevant stakeholders to check the status and assist in prioritizing and approving open issues. It also helps with delegation and expectation management.


    Track approvals for documents and other items

    Assign and track approvals using custom fields so that everyone knows who needs to approve what and by when. When you implement a centrally managed approvals workflow, you increase the efficiency and timeliness of your client delivery.


    Coordinate a multi-jurisdictional review with local counsel

    Build a custom tracker to keep up with your progress while gathering counsel advice in multiple jurisdictions. Restrict your field selections, add color coding and insert any number of columns to track each stage of the review. The tracker sits alongside all your other workstreams, documents, discussions and key dates in Lupl. Plus, it’s the perfect use case for combining your tracker with our new Forms feature. Get in touch to hear more!

    Manage a steps plan during an M&A process

    Mapping out your steps plan in Lupl helps you to add clarity, efficiency and control to your process during a deal. Use custom fields to capture due diligence checklists, deal stages and integration plans. Assign the work, set up workstreams for cross-team collaboration and monitor progress from kick-off to deal closed.

    Handle document assignment within a document review/disclosure process

    Centrally manage the assignment of documents within a large, complex disclosure process. Assign and link documents, track progress and manage capacity within your review team.

    Organize evidence and exhibits accessible for trial

    Increase your credibility and productivity in court. You can use workstreams to organize your trial prep and keep track of the timeline of your important documents. Maintain a record of questions and topics and link your documents to have everything structured and in one place on the day.

    Record legal conclusions, analysis and recommendations

    Provide your client and your legal team with a breakdown of the legal conclusions on your case, what they mean and how to proceed. It provides everyone with a central place to review, provide input or ask questions. It’s a great way to document your outcomes and embed your learnings.

    Manage an intellectual property portfolio

    Record details of trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets using custom fields. Centrally track renewal dates, licensing agreements and infringement cases related to intellectual property assets, enabling team members to seamlessly roll on and off client portfolio matters over time.

    Maintain a little black book of local counsel for your practice group

    Keep a central record of the details of all valuable local counsel collaborations. Use custom fields to document various information and experiences, which will benefit your colleagues on future matters by eliminating the time it takes to search for or request these details.

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