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Cooley Customer Story: 75% Less Email

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

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    75% Less Email

    Cooley’s global IP team chose Lupl to move patent matters forward. The result? 75% less email and a happy client.


    Cooley’s international patent team is a world leader, with over 120 lawyers and patent professionals acting as patent counsel to 1,400+ companies worldwide. Innovation is a part of the team’s DNA.

    The Problem

    Cooley’s client, an AI scale-up, approached them with a problem. The volume of emails in planning, organizing, and coordinating patent applications was overwhelming. Things were starting to get missed.
    Other tools didn’t meet sector security and compliance needs and required way too much training and implementation. There had to be a better way.

    The Solution

    The team adopted Lupl to support the entire process of drafting new patent applications, from invention disclosure forms to drafting and filing.

    • A single Lupl matter space for each application provided a central hub for Cooley and its client.
    • Sharing large files and versions was seamless, with everything syncing back to the firm’s DMS.
    • The team coordinated on key deliverables and deadlines with Lupl’s tasks features.

    Before & After

    Before Lupl

    • Too many emails
    • Documents all over the place
    • Security & compliance headache

    After Lupl

    • >75% fewer emails
    • 100% of files synced to DMS
    • A happy client 😊

    “Lupl significantly cut the number of emails, streamlined collaboration with our client, and was easy and intuitive for everyone to use with no training.”

    Christopher Hutter, Partner


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