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December News You Can Use

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

Lupl's News You Can Use
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    It's that time of year again! ❄️

    As we cozy up to the holiday season and reflect on 2023, we couldn't be more excited for the future of legal tech! Our fall release has been embraced enthusiastically by users globally, simplifying how lawyers and legal professionals navigate their day-to-day. This success is a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our legal community.

    Editor's Note:

    Driven by the rapid adoption of LLMs and the evolving demands of clients, service providers are increasingly leveraging AI and cloud-based solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and help law firms deliver superior client services. This industry shift underscores the growing importance of innovation and adaptability, which are pivotal in shaping the future of everything around us.

    In our December newsletter, we delve into the latest industry trends and showcase how Lupl's recent updates empower legal professionals to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

    Read on to discover more about our journey and the exciting developments we have in store for you! 👇🏼

    What's New in Lupl

    what's new in lupl december

    Our team has been busy refining Lupl to improve the user experience. Here are the highlights of what we've shipped recently:


    🔁 Lupl Workstream Enhancements

    We've refined Lupl Workstreams to enhance visibility and streamline your workflow. Our latest updates include notifications for workstream items (not just tasks!) and the ability to save Workstream filters, ensuring you can easily return to your preferred view. These improvements are all about making Lupl more intuitive and tailored to the needs of our users.


    📝 Lupl Forms got an Upgrade too!

    In our latest release, we've made several improvements to Lupl Forms. You'll now see a progress bar when attaching large files, giving you clear visibility of the upload status. We've also introduced the ability to save a draft of your form without immediately publishing it and increased the character limit for descriptions and titles, with a real-time display as you type, allowing for more flexibility.


    🤖 Simplified Workflows with LuplAI

    We've enhanced the UI for creating new matters in Lupl, making it more user-friendly with a more prominent AI option and the ability to include matter-specific details during setup. Additionally, LuplAI now leverages custom workstream types, streamlining the setup process for a smoother experience.


    🎨 Global Tasks Redesign

    We've given our Global Tasks page a fresh update, now featuring new sorting options and a user-friendly search function, allowing you to quickly find and focus on the tasks that are most important to you.


    📱Mobile Device Upgrades

    For both iOS and Android users, we've updated our mobile apps to allow users to edit and add content to custom fields in workstreams while on the move.


    Speak with our Sales team to learn more or schedule a Lupl demo.

    Discover How Your Peers Are Utilizing Lupl

    Harness the power of Lupl to enhance your practice, unlocking higher levels of efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for your law firm. Our dedicated Success team has meticulously curated a comprehensive list of almost 100 use cases across various legal practices. Each month, we showcase a different use case to inspire and empower your practice.

    regulatory approvals tracker

    Lupl can be used to manage and track regulatory approvals, providing enhanced visibility for risk and compliance management, a boost to collaboration and teamwork, and improved efficiency and profitability, which positions the firm to win more work by elevating the client experience.

    How it works:

    • Utilize Lupl Workstreams as a flexible, central hub to track and manage regulatory approvals and administrative tasks.
    • Leverage Lupl Forms to manage approvals as well as collect and collate responses from anyone, inside or outside your Lupl matter.
    • Link relevant documents, such as filings and regulatory correspondence, to tasks and form responses.
    • View approval statuses at a glance, including upcoming or overdue items, or utilize automatic deadline reminders.
    • Sync everything with your firm's Document Management System.

    Have a use case you want to share? We would love to hear it. Check out our Use Case Library and submit yours today!

    🚀 Efficiency Boost 🚀

    Did you know you can create custom templates for frequently used checklists or processes in Lupl?

    This feature saves time and ensures consistency across similar tasks or matters. Once set up, Lupl Templates can be reused and refined, reducing repetitive work and increasing overall efficiency.

    IRL / URL

    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL) and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • Cat Moon and Mark Williams Launch the New Vanderbilt AI Law Lab (VAILL). Our take - Law schools are going all in on AI, too. Vanderbilt Law School announced the launch of Vanderbilt AI Legal Lab (VAILL), led by Cat Moon, Director of Innovation at Vanderbilt’s Program on Law and Innovation, and Mark Williams, Associate Director for Collections and Innovation at the Massey Law Library. This new initiative aims to explore how artificial intelligence can transform legal services and access to justice. VAILL's mission focuses on harnessing AI, particularly GenAI, to improve the delivery of legal services and expand access to legal knowledge. The lab emphasizes an ethically grounded, human-centered approach. It plans to collaborate with various sectors, including courts, law firms, and legal aid organizations, to develop prototype AI applications addressing real legal needs. Ethics are a foundational aspect of VAILL, with an emphasis on teaching students the practical uses of AI in law practice and its broader policy and societal implications. Vanderbilt’s law librarians will play a critical role in assessing new AI tools, and the lab is seen as a "risk-free" testing ground for innovations in legal education.


    • What does reliability mean when it comes to legal AI? Our take - Reliability is crucial for professional-grade AI products and encompasses more than just avoiding errors like hallucinations in large language models. It involves developing AI solutions specifically for law, integrating both AI and legal expertise, and maintaining high privacy and security standards. Reliability also means prioritizing the law in AI development, requiring domain-specific expertise, and ensuring that the product meets the long-term needs of legal professionals. Furthermore, a reliable legal AI tool builds a proven track record in legal tech and offers sustained support and partnership, not just a product. This includes understanding user needs, providing consistent support, and being responsive to customer feedback and the evolving needs of the industry.


    • Antitrust disruption could accelerate next year, specialist says. Our take - The Biden Administration's intensified focus on antitrust laws could have big impacts in 2024. Key initiatives include proposed merger guidelines, revisions to the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) process, and a ban on noncompete agreements. Colin Kass, a partner at Proskauer Rose and head of its antitrust practice, notes these changes are significant, especially the ban on noncompetes, which will likely face legal challenges. The proposed changes to the HSR process are also substantial, requiring companies to provide detailed information upfront, including a narrative for the deal, projected revenue streams, data on previous acquisitions, labor market impacts, and a transactional analysis of market conditions. This represents a shift from the past, where companies could passively wait for regulatory feedback. Kass highlights the administration's changing view of antitrust law, evident in the proposed merger guidelines, which he describes as a return to a 1960s-era enforcement approach focusing on industry-level activity. These changes could lead to instability, as future administrations might replace these guidelines, potentially impacting how courts view and use them in antitrust rulings.


    • OMG, China Has ACTUAL Legal Robots And All The Legal Tech Patents. Our take - China's advanced use of legal technology, which includes actual legal robots and a dominant position in filing legal tech patents, is aimed at modernizing the practice of law. In the Chinese justice system, robots assist litigants with case filing, cost estimation, and success predictions, while AI advises judges on sentencing for specific crimes. This technology is designed to assist rather than replace lawyers. The ripple effect of AI's role is highlighted by its use in legal aid centers, where it helps users prepare their cases. The result is a reduced burden on courts and expanded access to legal knowledge. The article points out that while China's use of legal tech is innovative, it's also motivated by regulatory and control aspects, like monitoring for corruption. The article also notes that China's dominance in legal tech patent filings is part of a broader national strategy and does not necessarily imply global leadership in legal tech innovation.
    Upcoming legal events that Lupl will be participating in

    SKILLS 2024

    Known as the Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit, or SKILLS, this virtual summit offers a platform for knowledge management and innovation leaders to share insights, discuss current developments in KM and innovation, and the business aspects of law.

    💻 Online | January 18, 2024 | 10 AM - 4PM EST


    New Year Refresh

    Join Lupl's upcoming webinar in January as our featured panelists share their personal tips for concluding year-end projects, including lessons learned and accomplishments. Plus, they're ready to give you a sneak peek into their plans for next year. You'll walk away with actionable tips and a solid roadmap to kick off 2024!

    💻 Online | January 24, 2024 | 11 AM EST / 4PM GMT


    Legalweek 2024

    Legalweek is a staple of the legal conference circuit, considered a must-attend legal tech event for information, education, and industry networking. Legalweek offers actionable insights with educational sessions, as well as a chance for legal professionals to get a taste of what new tech is on the market.

    🇺🇸 New York City | January 29 - February 1, 2024

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