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Introducing Lupl’s Biggest Update Ever

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

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    Over $13.3 billion has been invested in legal tech development since 2016.¹ But finding the right tools and getting people to actually use them is easier said than done.

    Since our founding, we’ve worked with a group representing over 10,000 legal professionals to identify common challenges and opportunities to solve. This group included lawyers from CMS, Cooley, Slaughter and May, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Khaitan & Co, and Rajah & Tann, not to mention legal departments like Airbnb, Battery Ventures, Deutsche Bank, Unilever and more.

    And this month, we’re releasing our biggest set of product updates so far at Lupl. You asked, we answered — and, oh boy, are we excited to get these new features in your hands.

    The legal sector continues to lag behind when it comes to technology. Lupl’s next-generation matter management software provides answers to collaboration, project management and capturing legal knowledge. Here are four major benefits of Lupl, and how our recent updates make it even better!

    1. Transform external collaboration and document sharing

    We hear all the time how hard it can be to collaborate between law firms and clients. Simple tasks like document sharing end up being much harder than they should be. With Lupl, it doesn’t have to be — because it’s a single shared workspace that brings all the moving parts together in one place.

    What’s new: WhatsApp integration

    The first big update is our industry-first WhatsApp integration. With 75% of lawyers already collaborating with clients via WhatsApp, we’ve heard time and again the same concerns about security and compliance. Lawyers tell us, “I want to meet my client where they are, which is increasingly in WhatsApp… but I can’t sacrifice security and compliance”. Well, we have the solution! You can now use Lupl’s WhatsApp integration to:

    • Send secure document links directly from your document management system to clients and partners in WhatsApp.
    • Receive client feedback on documents, and have that feedback automatically added to the matter record (no more screenshotting and sending to a PA for record-keeping purposes).
    • Securely trade comments on the documents with the client.
    • Make changes after you hit send — so everyone is always working off the right version.
    • Meet sector security and compliance obligations. Everything benefits from Lupl’s Security by Design approach and is designed to help our customers meet their sector security and compliance requirements.

    What’s more, it’s all done through a managed WhatsApp account, allowing you to keep your personal WhatsApp… well, personal.

    (P.S. The WhatsApp integration can be turned on/off by an org admin in our Elite and Enterprise tiers.)

    Are you dealing with clients in WhatsApp?

    Try our integration today.

    2. Next-level collaboration and project management

    A big part of what makes Lupl special is its integration of communication, document management and project management. Bringing all the moving parts together just makes everyone’s life easier.

    What’s new: Integrated Document & Task Management, supercharged Closing Checklists, Trial Prep and more!

    Legal projects are unusual because of the interaction between tasks and documents. Take a closing checklist, for example. On one level, it’s a list of documents. On another level, it’s a list of tasks. But a lot of task management apps don’t do a good job with document management, and vice versa.

    That’s why we’ve overhauled our project management UI and added powerful features able to link documents and tasks, review work and, fundamentally, make collaboration easier.

    • Link Documents and Tasks: Link one or more documents on your document management system, or Lupl Drive, directly to a Task. This means you can easily create closing or trial checklists, because often the Tasks are the Documents.
    • Add Multiple Tasks to a Document: Tracking down inputs and approvals for everyone on a legal document can feel like herding cats. Imagine being able to assign reviews and to-dos on a document to specific people, and have them automatically chased for input by the deadline. That’s exactly why we built this feature!
    • Advanced Sub-foldering: Store and organize documents in the Lupl Drive using multiple sub-folders. Make it easy to share collections and find what you’re looking for.
    • Threaded Document Comments: Attach the conversation directly to the work product, so everyone’s input is noted in one place.

    Lupl centralizes project management to ensure the right tasks are worked on in the right order, everyone knows who’s doing what, and everything is done on time.

    3. Improved research and knowledge management

    It’s a fact that 99% of legal knowledge from a particular matter never gets captured in a reusable way for future matters. It sits in documents, email threads… and people’s heads! Technology can break down silos and hierarchies, helping spread knowledge across your organization. This is a big reason we developed Lupl in the first place. The communication and collaboration provided by Lupl already make it easier to share information, but we didn’t stop there…

    What’s new: iOS matter templates and a research assistant

    Our Matter Templates are the critical way that we put actionable legal knowledge in users’ hands. Lupl provides standard templates for common cases, but also allows you to create custom templates in order to capture experience and make it easy to share. Save time, stop reinventing the wheel and reduce risk.

    Our new rollout makes Matter Templates available on iOS for the first time, meaning you can spin up a due diligence project, a real estate transaction or a contractual debt claim, whether you’re at your desk or on the beach.

    The other side of the coin is legal research. Reviewing statutes, case law and making notes are the beating heart of practice for many lawyers. But most lawyers we speak to are pasting their research in Word, OneNote or emails. There has to be a better way to capture, centralize and share research on a particular case. With the new Lupl Pins Extension for your Edge or Chrome browser, it’s never been easier to capture information, add descriptions and then share it with team members for their input. Think of it like your research sidekick.

    Centralize and share your legal research on a single platform today.

    Sign up here in 57 seconds.

    4. Connecting the legal tech stack

    Nearly one-third of legal teams use more than ten legal technologies, but 76% say that they still spend a lot of time on manual tasks. ² A big problem here is the ability to transfer data between tools and share information, not to mention picking the right tools to use in the first place.

    What’s new: Bring financial and billing data into Lupl with Clio and Tessaract integrations

    Lupl can be a central hub for legal technology, allowing you to pull information from across your tech stack into a single place. We’ve made a massive step forwards with our integration coverage, with two new out-of-the-box integrations with Clio and Tessaract. Make access and managing your practice management systems easier and more effective.

    It’s time for Legal Tech’s moment in the sun

    Even in 2022, only 60% of those in the legal sector report using the cloud ³ — the same rate of adoption among other professionals back in 2016. ⁴ Security concerns, entrenched hierarchies, and poor tech choices have all held legal tech back. But it won’t always be that way.

    Big outcomes don’t have to be the result of big change. The right small steps can create a domino effect. Technology needs to help lawyers work more effectively and efficiently, share know-how, collaborate, build templates and deliver value to clients.

    Improved communication and collaboration can level hierarchies, expand access to existing legal tech and know-how, and transform how value is delivered to clients. Each update to Lupl has been designed to do just that and help you set the stage for a digital revolution in the legal industry.

    Ready to optimize your legal workflow?

    Get in touch to learn more.

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