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How to Use Legal Tech to Establish Better Processes

India Preston

India Preston

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    Managing a law firm or legal department can be stressful, chaotic, and even overwhelming. A well-designed project management process helps to make things less challenging. According to an article published by JDSupra, “legal project management (LPM) plays a critical role in boosting law firm profitability and enhancing client relationships.” Now is a great time to make sure that your law firm, legal organization, or legal department has the right tech in place.

    At Lupl, we are proud to offer The Collaboration Platform for Legal™. With a newly developed and truly comprehensive platform for legal projects, our team is committed to offering a better and easier way for law firms and legal departments to share documents, communicate effectively, manage matters, and get things done. In this article, we highlight some of the most important things to know about using legal technology to establish better processes in the New Year.

    What is Legal Project Management and Why Does it Matter?

    Broadly defined, project management is a process involving the use of knowledge, skills, tools, and technologies to complete a goal and deliver value to clients/customers. For law firms and corporate legal departments, project management involves some unique consideration. Still, the primary goal remains the same: As described by the American Bar Association (ABA), legal project management (LPM) is about “performing legal work more efficiently” and “managing uncertainty.” Law firms, organizations, and legal departments can benefit from a project management system that is:

    • Systematic
    • Understandable;
    • Flexible
    • Efficient
    • Cost effective.

    Five Key Advantages of Improved Legal Technology

    1. Get Organized and Stay on Track With Your Projects

    Organization is one of the keys to effective project management. Lack of organization can cause serious problems—including missing work, duplicative work, and even poor results. This is an issue across industries—though organization is especially important in the legal field. Our collaborative legal tech platform is designed to help law firms and legal departments stay organized so that they can better keep track of their project. Our highly regarded legal technology achieves this goal in three ways.

    First, all documents and information related to your legal project can be uploaded into a single easy to use platform. You will not have to worry about shifting back and forth from application to application. Next, our legal tech offers a “bird’s eye view” of the entire project—so that you can see exactly what is happening at any given time. Finally, the Lupl legal project management platform allows you and your team to access the information that you need to do whatever remaining work/tasks are necessary. Organization improves efficiency. It can save time and money.

    2. Easier Communication and Collaboration

    Some of the most important projects involve contributions from several legal professionals—often from two or more different departments/organizations. When it works well, collaboration can be hyper-effective. It can make law firms and legal departments more efficient and they will be in a better position to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliver results. At the same time, collaborative projects are complicated. The more legal professionals and law firms/organizations/ departments involved, the greater the risk of problems.

    The Lupl technology platform makes it easier for lawyers and law firms to communicate and collaborate. One of the biggest project management advantages of improved technology is that cross-team communication and cross-org communication can be simplified. We designed a legal project management platform with careful attention to the needs of legal professionals—making it easier to chat and collaborate with people both inside and outside of your organization.

    3. Real-Time Visibility into Projects

    Collaborative legal projects can be stressful. There are often a lot of moving parts. Without the proper system in place, it may be difficult to know what exactly everyone is working on and how much progress is actually being made. The Lupl technology platform includes a useful feature known as ‘The Loop.” With The Loop, you will have access to a real-time, 360 degree view of your project. Among other things, our legal tech can improve the process of your law firm/department by:

    • Allowing you to quickly identify what is (and is not) on track; and
    • Ensuring that you know the specific task that needs immediate attention.

    4. Seamless Integration With Existing Systems

    Many partners at law firms and decision makers within legal departments want to take action to update their technology and improve their project management practices. At the same time, it is likely that you already have some type of existing system in place. You may be concerned that new technology will mean starting over—that you will lose a lot of the work that you already put in.

    Fortunately, the Lupl legal project management platform was designed with this issue in mind. Our state-of-the-art legal project management technology can help you seamlessly integrate your existing systems into a more effective, more efficient new platform. If you have elements of your current project management process that work well, they can be integrated into our platform.

    5. Reliable Security that Allows You to Protect Sensitive Information

    For lawyers, law firms, and legal departments, security is critically important. One of the primary reasons why many legal professionals are wary of adopting new technologies is that they are worried about security. It is certainly an understandable concern: The integrity of the attorney-client relationship is critically important. As expressed by ABA Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information, lawyers and law firms have a duty to “safeguard information relating to the representation of a client against unauthorized access by third parties.”

    While the importance of confidentiality has the potential to make project management and collaboration more complicated, the most advanced legal technology can provide a reliable solution. The Lupl project management platform for lawyers and law firms is fully secure. Indeed, the security needs of our customers is one of our highest priorities. We offer a fully secure platform where legal professionals can work and collaborate without worrying about unauthorized disclosure.

    How Lupl Can Help Your Law Firm or Legal Department Establish a Better Process

    Lupl is a comprehensive, collaborative platform designed specifically for the legal industry. Our innovative tools help lawyers, legal staff, and clients communicate and work together—without all of the hassles and complications. We offer a more efficient and more effective way for law firms, legal departments, and legal professionals to:

    • Securely share documents;
    • Communicate proactively;
    • Manage important projects; and
    • Get legal work done together.

    If you are looking for better legal technology to improve the project management system of your law firm, legal organization, or corporate legal department in 2022, we are more than ready to help. You can reach out to us directly to get started now for free, request a demo from our team, or contact us with any specific questions or concerns.

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