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Practical AI Benefits: Lupl’s Enhanced User Experience 

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

lupls enhanced user experience
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    While Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be new, since the release of GPT-3 there has been an explosion of Generative AI (GenAI) powered applications. Whether you're an AI aficionado or just starting to explore its potential, it’s clear that GenAI is not just a buzzword; it has transformational potential that's reshaping how we approach legal matters. Lupl is excited to announce our own GenAI integration, bringing this new tech to the platform in ways that are both innovative and practical. We leverage GenAI to address specific challenges and remove friction for legal professionals, making Lupl AI an indispensable asset in legal workflows to elevate user experience and make your work more efficient and insightful.

    Streamlined Planning and Scoping

    Workstreams are the cornerstone of Lupl's platform, providing a dedicated space for planning, organizing, and managing legal work. Tasks, checklists, workstreams, and a process-driven approach have been shown to impact the completion of a project on time, budget and scope. However, most attorneys don’t think of their work as a project or in a process-driven way.

    With Lupl AI, build a matter plan with a text prompt in seconds. It could be content pasted from your term sheet or engagement letter. Or, simply forward an email thread and let Lupl AI create a new matter and file the documents from the context. The matter created has tasks and workstreams that are relevant and specific to your deal, case or matter.

    It's like having a virtual assistant that knows your matters' the ins and outs!

    Intelligent Data Capture

    Gathering and capturing data is required in many legal processes, and it is time-consuming as it requires many emails and deciphering the response to manually updating Excel sheets. Lupl's intelligent Forms automate this process, making data capture more efficient. Forms allow any party to provide responses in a user-friendly way, including sharing relevant documents, all of which are automatically captured to your Workstreams. Each response can be actioned, delegated, or exported to Excel or Word documents to be manipulated further.

    For example, M&A teams use Forms to collect information requests during the due diligence process. They easily create a Lupl Form for requests for information during a review. It ensures that the deal members collect all the information seamlessly, reducing the noise in their inboxes and creating a central place to triage and track all requests.

    Similarly, the data & privacy practice leverages Lupl Forms to collect and manage Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR). Forms can be used for the intake of DSARs at your firm. Provide all staff access to the form and handle these requests centrally as they occur. Use custom fields to handle deadlines, assign each DSAR, and track workstream progress.

    Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

    Lupl understands that AI features need to be designed and deployed in a responsible way. That’s why Lupl AI has been launched in beta. During this time, it is available as an opt-in feature for clients interested in exploring its potential benefits early on during their legal matter management processes. Lupl is committed to responsible AI usage. The platform adheres to stringent data privacy regulations, and your prompts and information are not used to train the mode. We are committed to working with our clients and experts to continue to fine-tune the model.

    Aligning Innovation with Your Firm's Goals

    As a legal professional, you're not just looking for flashy tech. You need tools that get the job done and resonate with your firm's vision. Lupl's AI isn't just about doing things faster; it’s about aligning technology with your firm’s heartbeat – improving client service, cutting down on unnecessary costs, and staying ahead in a competitive market.

    Whether streamlining the planning of complex legal matters or automating data capture, Lupl's AI-enabled features are designed to enhance efficiency and ensure best practices.

    If you're evaluating tech solutions that can propel your firm into the future, Lupl deserves a spot on your shortlist.

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