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Lupl’s ILTACON 2023 Experience: Igniting Legal Tech Connections

Isabella Lozano

Isabella Lozano

Lupl at ILTACON 2023 in Orlando, Florida
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    What an exhilarating journey it has been at ILTACON 2023! As the dust is settling, we are filled with excitement over the insightful conversations, innovative technologies, and impactful connections that took place last week in Orlando. This year’s conference demonstrates the legal industry is ready for exponential growth and advancement.

    Throughout the event, Booth #200 was abuzz with energy and we were thrilled to showcase Lupl’s biggest feature release to date! The opportunity to connect with so many of you, whether at our booth, breakout sessions, or networking events, has been an absolute highlight.

    Read on to explore the conference in more detail, learn the Lupl Team’s takeaways, and continue the conversation that started at ILTACON.

    Key Takeaways from the Lupl Team

    The Lupl team at ILTACON 2023

    As we reflect on ILTACON 2023, the Lupl team has various insights and ideas that have shaped our perspective on the future of legal technology. Here are our key takeaways from ILTACON 2023:

    • Addressing the Technology Gap: Attendees expressed a clear need to bridge gaps in their technology stacks, particularly around project and task management, further solidifying the need for an LPM solution (Hint: it’s Lupl!).
    • AI’s Influence and Challenges: It probably comes as no surprise that AI emerged as a dominant theme, with many sessions exploring its implications for the legal sector. Discussions revolved around sustaining associate productivity in the face of generative AI, the impact of AI on billable hours, the need for changes in work methodologies, and whether law firms need to consider alternative revenue streams to adapt.
    • Anticipation for Innovations: The anticipation surrounding upcoming Lupl features was tangible, resonating with the concerns and requirements voiced during the conference. This anticipation validates our commitment to addressing key industry challenges and delivering solutions that cater to evolving legal landscape demands.

    These takeaways fuel our commitment to driving innovation within the legal sector. We’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and to translate these insights into actionable solutions that elevate the legal profession. If you missed Lupl at ILTACON 2023, head to our home page to learn more!


    A collection of interesting finds about ILTACON 2023 across the web (URL) and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • A Vibrant ILTACON 2023 Reaffirmed Its Place As One of the Leading Legal Tech Conferences. Our take – Described as an exhilarating five-day marathon of educational opportunities, the conference delved into various topics within the legal technology industry. The program boasted an impressive lineup of over 350 educational sessions, attracting around 3,400 registrants. Despite being spread across multiple locations, the conference exuded a sense of unity and coherence thanks to its anchor venue, the esteemed Dolphin Hotel. With 158 exhibitors showcasing their offerings in the exhibit hall, the event faced a few layout challenges but still fostered positive interactions between exhibitors and attendees. The blog post also mentions the conference’s vibrant social aspect, encompassing lively parties and networking events.
    • ILTACON 2023: How 5 law firms are putting their data to work in new ways. Our take – The blog post discusses presentations from the conference, where law firm leaders shared innovative approaches to effectively utilizing data within their firms. Despite data completeness and readability challenges, these leaders presented initiatives that aimed to harness their firms’ data for improved decision-making. These approaches ranged from gamified data collection to enable buy-in, using Excel sheets for vendor comparison, creating data warehouses for centralized information, enhancing insights through client management systems, and addressing work allocation issues using visualizations. The strategies showcased the diverse ways law firms can optimize their data assets for better outcomes and collaboration.
    • Overheard at ILTACON 2023: The Biggest Legal Tech Trends and Challenges on Everyone’s Minds. Our take – This article focuses on the highlights of the 43rd ILTACON conference, which focused on the intersection of legal technology and the challenges faced by the legal tech market. The conference emphasized the growing influence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal industry, with various sessions delving into its applications and limitations. However, the post also highlighted that the legal tech field continues to grapple with ongoing issues such as cloud adoption and effectively managing vast amounts of data in e-discovery. The quotes from industry experts captured during the conference underscored the evolving perceptions of technology spending, the transition to cloud-based solutions, and the changing landscape of legal operations within law firms.
    • Crowdsourced ILTACON 2023 Observations, Part 1: Legal Technology Trends. Our Take – This blog post shares insights from the conference, spotlighting its lively atmosphere and focusing on sessions and discussions. A central theme was the growing excitement surrounding generative AI’s integration in law firms. These AI-powered systems are reshaping legal research, contract analysis, eDiscovery, and predictive analytics, streamlining decision-making. Despite this, the blog post underscores the lack of discourse on the potential disruption posed by quantum computers. Notably absent from the discussions, quantum computers have transformative implications for encryption, data security, and computational problem-solving. The post also acknowledges diverse perspectives at the conference, from tech to leadership, emphasizing collaborative strides for progress in the legal sector.
    Upcoming legal events that Lupl will be participating in

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    💻 Online | September 12, 2023 | 11 AM EST / 4PM BST

    IBA Paris 2023

    Lupl is excited to announce its participation in the annual IBA conference once again this year. The event will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France. Come see us at Booth 15, where you will have a chance to get a first look at Lupl’s newest features and snag some Lupl swag to take home with you!

    🇫🇷 Paris | October 29 – November 2, 2023

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