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News You Can Use – April 2023

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

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    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has officially sprung. That means blooming flowers, longer days, and events in full swing. March marked two significant events – Legal Week and Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS). 

    As the recap from each event highlights, firms are looking to balance how to approach large language model based solutions and delivering on priorities that impact the long-term value-creation strategies for their organization. Lupl supports the latter, and some of the callouts from Legal Week reflect why an increasing number of firms are accelerating their review of Lupl:

    ‘…digital transformation is no longer a choice.’ 

    ‘…they [law firms] are more resource constrained, that repeat work needs to be minimized and made more efficient with tech, to free up space to focus on higher value work.’ 

     ‘Lawyers don’t hate technology, they hate complexity. Make sure the product is easy to use, and that you make it as easy as possible to start using it.’ 

    We’ve linked to the full recaps in the new “IRL/URL” section below.👇🏼

    What’s new in Lupl

    Our team has been hard at work to improve your experience with Lupl, and make getting work done frictionless. Here are the highlights of what we shipped recently. 

    ✅ Tasks, now superpowered. We have made significant improvements to the Tasks UX. You can now quickly add multiple tasks inline within the matter, assign them to team members, and attach documents. Drafting a task list is easier than ever – task creation is now limited only by your typing speed! 

    🔔 Notifications, smarter & cleaner. Lupl already reduces matter-based email communication by 75%. We continue to supercharge notifications by rolling up relevant notifications, resulting in fewer emails but providing more actionable information. Lupl will roll up the channel @ mentions and Direct Messages (DM). Go into focus mode without worrying about what you might miss.

    🇸🇬 Singapore integrations, expanded. Our integrations already enable firms in Singapore to utilize Lupl as their central platform. We have built on this by supporting eLitigation and ACRA.

    For the former, users can add eLitigation notifications as tasks directly from the eLit and matter channels. Lupl will remember the eLitigation case number and pre-populate the matter for future notifications with the same case number, making it easier for eLitigation messages to be shared to a matter channel.

    For ACRA, Lupl will recognize the Business Profile ACRA reports uploaded to a matter and automatically process them to allow users to quickly copy and paste the important information when viewing the document, with a nice side-by-side comparison!

    Speak to your Customer Success Manager or book a demo with the Sales team to learn more and see the improvement for yourself.

    How customers (you) are using Lupl

    Successful practitioners harness Lupl to elevate their practice, boosting efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for their law firms. Our Success team has compiled a list of 80+ use cases across almost all practices. We’ll be highlighting a different use case each month.

    We wanted to share an example of how organizations are using Lupl. We hope you can steal these ideas, or perhaps it sparks inspiration for a new use case. 

    Lupl can be used to complete a compliance audit for your client against frameworks like GDPR or CCPA providing an elevated client experience and improving efficiency & profitability. A matter of this kind can be set up for the internal team, or you could invite clients for added transparency. 

    How it works

    • Standardize and accelerate the process and reduce risk with Lupl Matter Templates aligned with regulatory requirements and your firm’s best practices.
    • Enable the client to seamlessly share relevant materials, such as draft policies and questionnaires, directly into a shared folder that syncs with your firm’s DMS.
    • Package up the solution as an “off-the-shelf” offering to provide a new revenue stream for the firm.
    • Track and share the status of the review at any time using Tasks and Milestones.
    • Unlimited clients join your matters for free.
    • Archive the matter directly into your DMS for record-keeping and compliance purposes.

    Have a use case you want to share? We would love to hear it. Email us, and perhaps we can feature it next month. 

    IRL / URL

    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL) and a chance to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • A recap of Legal Week. Our take – Legal Week 2023 highlighted rapid innovation in the legal industry, with digital transformation becoming essential. Firms are embracing technology for efficiency and differentiation. Generative AI, like ChatGPT, gains traction, and modern data types are crucial in the discovery process. Effective change management ensures successful tech adoption.
    • A recap of SKILLS 2023. Our take – the SKILLS event brought together KM and Innovation leaders across the globe and focused on AI, data standardization, and change management. AI discussions revolved around generative AI and LLM, exploring potential uses and privacy concerns. Standardization, particularly via the SALI Alliance, was emphasized for enabling interoperability and scalability. Fundamental topics covered change management, project planning, and stakeholder buy-in for long-term project success.
    • ‘Time has come’: door opens at last to Indian legal market. Our take – India’s legal regulator, the Bar Council of India, announced rules permitting foreign lawyers and firms to practice foreign law in India on a reciprocity basis. The decision marks a significant step in the long-standing issue and is expected to boost economic opportunities for lawyers in India and other countries.
    • The Gig is Up in 2023: Where’s Your LPM? Our take – law firms face a challenging 2023 as profits per equity partner drop and market pressures rise. Sustainable strategies, improved client communications, and legal project management can help demonstrate value, ensure profitability, and foster long-term success.

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