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News You Can Use – August 2023

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

Lupl's News You Can Use
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    As we move into the dog days of summer, AI continues to dominate conversations in the legal industry. AI is transforming the way legal professionals work and molding the future of the legal field. It's not just about efficiency and cost-saving; AI is enabling lawyers to deliver more value to their clients, offering insights and analysis faster than was previously unattainable. The conversation is no longer about whether AI will impact the legal profession, but how profound and transformative that impact will be.

    Fueling a wave of legal disputes, AI is weaving its way into many realms of our everyday lives. From entertainment to national security, AI is introducing a myriad of novel challenges for lawyers and legal professionals. This technological advancement has brought about a paradigm shift, necessitating a deep understanding of AI and its implications in various sectors. As AI continues to evolve, it is crucial for legal experts to stay informed and adapt in this transformative era, ensuring they are equipped to navigate the complexities and opportunities that arise.

    AI also has the potential to democratize access to legal services. Legal tech startups are leveraging AI to provide affordable and accessible legal services, bridging the justice gap. AI-powered chatbots are offering legal advice, and predictive analytics are helping lawyers make more informed decisions. However, as AI continues to permeate the legal industry, it also raises new ethical and regulatory considerations. The industry is grappling with questions around transparency, accountability, and the very nature of legal work in the age of AI. The conversation is complex, but one thing is clear: AI is here to stay, and it's reshaping the legal landscape.

    Read on explore the trends above in more detail, and learn how Lupl is being leveraged to elevate the client experience 👇🏼.

    What's New in Lupl

    Join Lupl at ILTACON 2023 in Orlando, FL

    We've been working tirelessly to enhance your Lupl experience, and we can't contain our excitement as we unveil our most significant feature release since our launch in 2021! Visit booth #200 at ILTACON 2023 to get an exclusive preview of our sleek new user interface and a glimpse into the array of new features arriving this autumn, designed to simplify your legal project management.

    🚀 Unleash Dynamic Productivity. Lupl's upgraded features are all about efficiency. Our mission is to help you gain more time for strategic legal work and spend less time spent on administrative tasks. Plus, Lupl fosters collaboration and transparency, leading to better outcomes for your firm, your team, and your clients.

    📚 Effortlessly Capture Knowledge. Lupl goes beyond just completion - it helps capture valuable knowledge and feedback that can be used in future cases. Whether you're working on transactional work, litigation cases, arbitrations, M&A, real estate deals, or RFPs, Lupl is designed to handle all types of work and learn from each one.

    🎉 Easier, Faster, More Intuitive. With seamless integration into your existing systems, Lupl allows you to plan your work effectively, reducing the complexity and chaos often associated with legal project management.  And with our new UI makeover, our platofrm is more intuitive than ever before. Lupl helps you focus on what truly matters - delivering high-quality legal services to your clients.

    How customers (you) are using Lupl

    Successful practitioners harness Lupl to elevate their practice, boosting efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for their law firms. Our Success team has compiled a list of 80+ use cases across almost all practices. We highlight a different use case each month.

    Use Lupl to manage your construction dispute matters

    Lupl can be used to manage your construction dispute matter from beginning to end, providing improved efficiency & profitability, enhanced visibility for compliance and risk reduction and an elevated client experience, which positions the firm to win more work.

    How it works

    • Focus on conversations, documents, and tasks for each case with individual matter workspaces.
    • Employ Matter Templates to embed best practices and standardize firm documents and checklists.
    • Utilize Task management for assigning responsibilities and monitoring team progress.
    • Adapt task lists as needed to accommodate unique case developments.
    • Upload and manage trial preparation documents and gather team feedback.
    • Coordinate with Expert Witnesses on documents, dates, and deadlines.
    • Access key documents, tasks, and pins on the go and update your team in real-time.
    • Centralize key events, such as trials and deadlines, with Milestones, and assign responsibility for updates.
    • Connect the matter to research, filing portals, eDiscovery dashboards, and other apps using Pins.

    Have a use case you want to share? We would love to hear it. Check out our new Use Case Library and submit yours today!

    📣 Calling all Early Adopters! 📣

    There is still time to join our beta program for an exciting new feature coming to Lupl this fall - Create Matter by Email!

    This innovative feature has been designed to streamline the process of creating new matters. By harnessing the power of AI, it seamlessly extracts crucial information from your emails and incorporates it into your new Lupl Matter. As we put the finishing touches on its development, we are thrilled to extend an exclusive opportunity to our users to become part of our beta testing program. If you are an early adopter who revels in exploring cutting-edge features and providing invaluable feedback, this is your golden ticket! To register your interest in the beta program, email our sales team.

    We value your involvement and eagerly anticipate enhancing Lupl with your valuable contribution!

    IRL / URL

    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL), and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • It’s not just Netflix’s $900K AI jobs, it’s the hypocrisy. Our take - other industries are feeling the heat from AI, just like we are. There is new controversy surrounding Netflix's high-paying AI jobs, particularly an AI product manager role with a pay ceiling of $900,000, and the perceived hypocrisy in the entertainment industry. Netflix, like any other tech company, is investing heavily in AI, but it's not necessarily to replace actors and writers. It appears that most of the AI-related roles are aimed at improving efficiency and exploring new innovations. The article argues that the outrage should not be based on industry-standard practices necessary for a tech company's success, but rather on the evident disparity between what Netflix is willing to pay its tech staff and its creative talent. The author suggests that the real issue lies in the company's willingness "to pay some people what they're worth, and others as little as they can get away with," highlighting the need for a complete rewrite of the relationship between creators and distribution platforms.
    • Who Will Train Digital (Legal) Talent At Scale? Our take - The digital skills gap conversation in legal is not a new one. The demand for digital talent is outstripping supply across all industries now, and this gap is an enterprise-wide challenge, affecting all areas of business. The article suggests that the legal industry should follow the blueprint of other businesses, which are taking bold steps to expand, train, and up-skill digital talent to meet their needs. These steps include a shift from hiring based on skills not degrees, increased investment in upskilling and career advancement, and promoting a learning-for-life mindset. The development of digital legal talent is crucial not only for the legal function but also for business, clients, and society at large. If legal wants to keep the pace of other industries, it will take new approaches to align the legal function with business and society, emphasizing the need for result-driven, tech-enabled, data-backed, and collaborative strategies for education, training, and career development.
    • AI Legal News Summer Roundup. Our take - A comprehensive roundup of recent legal developments in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI. Key highlights include a growing number of lawsuits in the United States directed towards training data for AI systems, AI-generated outputs, and AI systems themselves, with claims ranging from copyright infringement to privacy violations. Notably, multiple class actions have been filed against providers of foundational generative AI LLMs and technologies, including OpenAI, Microsoft, Meta, and Alphabet/Google. The FTC has also expressed concerns about unfair competition in the AI sector and launched an investigation into OpenAI's privacy and data security practices. Other developments include calls for tech companies to label AI-generated content to combat misinformation, new rules for generative AI services in China, and the establishment of an AI parliamentary inquiry in Australia.
    • Survey Says Gen AI Puts Law Librarians and KM Professionals At Risk of Obsolescence. Our take - A recent survey conducted by Wolters Kluwer and Above the Law, reveals that a majority of legal professionals believe that generative AI could render librarians and knowledge management professionals obsolete. The survey, which included 275 legal professionals, found that two-thirds of respondents believe that roles such as document review lawyers and librarians could be replaced by generative AI, with 40% also considering paralegals at risk. However, law firm partners are deemed the safest. The practice areas most likely to be impacted include corporate, trust and estates, litigation, intellectual property, and tax. The survey suggests that generative AI will bring transformative efficiencies to research and routine tasks, and its effective use could distinguish successful law firms from unsuccessful ones over the next five years.
    Legal Events We're Excited About this Summer!

    The Next Frontier of Lawyering: From ESG to GPT

    Lupl is a proud partner of the Singapore Law Academy. Hear from subject matter experts about the state of legal today in Asia, the art of law firm management, and more. For participants who qualify, this is a SILE Accredited CPD Activity.

    🇸🇬 Singapore | August 3-4, 2023

    ILTACON 2023

    Lupl is thrilled to be exhibiting at ILTACON again this year at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, FL. Stop by Booth 200 (just to the left of the Pacific Hall entrance) and get a sneak peek at our latest features before they're rolled out to the public!

    🇺🇸 Orlando | August 20-24, 2023

    Why Be a Candle When You Can Be a Lighthouse: Illuminating the Path with LPM

    Step out of the shadows and into the light with our illuminating webinar on Legal Project Management (LPM). This session is designed to guide you from being a small flicker in the vast legal landscape to a guiding lighthouse, leading the way with efficient and effective management techniques.

    💻 Online | September 12, 2023 | 11 AM EST / 4PM BST

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