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News You Can Use – April 2024

Whitney Stout

Whitney Stout

Lupl's News You Can Use
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    Happy April! 🌷

    It's been quite a ride over here at Lupl, with lots happening behind the scenes. Our team's been buzzing with excitement, making new connections, and rolling out updates that are shaking up the way lawyers work.

    As more firms align themselves with the internal adoption of AI, April finds us deep diving into how these new tools will transform pricing strategies, their potential to reshape the work week, and debates over how cost and time savings will impact overall productivity expectations and billing. The availability of generative AI tools is certainly changing the expectations around the pace and cost of legal services, with over half of in-house counsel and in-house lawyers expecting bills to reduce.

    You can read Lupl’s take on these topics in our articles Legal Tech and Client Experience: Enhancing Service Delivery in Law Firms and How Technology is Facilitating the Shift to Alternative Fee Arrangements.

    As the worldwide legal community navigates the AI revolution, our focus remains steadfast on solving the foundational challenges of work management and efficiency.

    Read on and join us as we spotlight the achievements of legal teams leveraging Lupl and celebrate the amazing features we’re preparing for you! 👇🏼

    What's New in Lupl

    what's new in lupl december

    In response to user feedback our team spent the start of the year hard at work bringing new features to Lupl. Our Q1 releases include:

    🗓️ Lupl Outlook Add-in

    Create tasks and calendar reminders directly from your inbox.

    🗂️ Documents 2.0

    Support for iManage cloud, enhanced protection of ethical walls & permissions, absolute version control, and bulk actions.  Open files directly in DMS, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

    🔒 Advanced Workstream Actions
    Bulk actions (i.e. editing dates or changing assignees), drag & drop re-order, custom grouping and sorting, bulk export of all Workstreams into Excel, and enhanced search.

    ... and more!

    You can see a detailed breakdown of Lupl’s new features in our Q1 2024 Product Update.


    Discover How Your Peers Are Utilizing Lupl

    Next gen legal teams use Lupl to manage everything from M&A, Litigation, Disputes and Real Estate work. We enable firms to seamlessly organize, manage, and execute distinct phases of matters with Workstreams, capture information with Forms, and integrate the firm’s playbooks and know-how into Solutions Templates, all the while providing real-time progress across matters. Each month, we showcase a different use case to inspire and empower your practice.

    USE CASE - Managing local counsel

    This month, we're showcasing how Cooley, a firm with more than 1,300 lawyers in 19 offices across the United States, Asia and Europe, uses Lupl to manage the complex channels of communication in foreign joint ventures that require the involvement of local counsel across multiple jurisdictions. Adam Ruttenberg, a partner in Cooley’s technology transactions group, speaks to Lupl’s impact on his practice.

    Challenges: Managing a foreign joint venture involving local counsel across multiple jurisdictions traditionally relied on email for communication. This led to delays, missed communications, and required a costly and time-consuming ramp up when activities and deadlines resumed after a matter went dormant.

    Lupl’s Impact: Lupl brings tasks, documents, communications, and practice groups’ knowledge infrastructure into a single central platform. This enhances efficiency and provides unparalleled transparency in progress tracking, clarifies ownership of tasks, and simplifies the complexity of managing a prolonged legal matter.

    The Future of Legal Work: Adam, a Partner at the firm, emphasizes that “the pace of law has picked up substantially…Things that were expected to be done in weeks are now expected to be done in days.” Lupl helps lawyers meet accelerated expectations in legal service delivery and simplifies the challenges of organizing complex transactions and coordinating multiple legal teams across multiple jurisdictions.

    Take a deeper dive into how Cooley uses Lupl to accelerate the pace and enhance the efficiency of foreign joint ventures.

    IRL / URL

    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL) and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • Lawyers and Law Firms Rising Up: Overcoming the Reluctance to Transition to AI.  The Honorable Judge Ralph Artigliere highlights the increasing client expectation for lawyers to adopt AI tools, particularly in areas like eDiscovery and due diligence. Despite challenges and budget constraints, Artigliere urges lawyers to invest in AI, suggesting a phased integration approach tailored to each firm's workflow needs. By identifying tasks consuming significant time, firms can assign them to AI with proper supervision, thereby streamlining processes. AI offers benefits across various legal functions, from document drafting to trial preparation, and enhances project management and administrative tasks, allowing lawyers to focus on higher-value activities. Artigliere's insights underscore the importance of understanding AI capabilities and incorporating them into legal workflows, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in legal practice amidst evolving technological landscapes.
    • Senators Weigh Whether AI Can Shorten the Work Week. With estimates that AI is capable of automating up to 45% of work activities, Senators engaged in a hearing to explore the potential of a shorter workweek. Proposing legislation to gradually reduce hours without wage cuts, supported by major labor unions, the debate highlights challenges in implementation across diverse industries. Critics caution against a one-size-fits-all approach, emphasizing the importance of nuanced policy considerations. As technology reshapes the workplace, discussions on AI's role in work-life balance and productivity continue to evolve.
    • How Generative AI will Transform Pricing in Law. As adoption rates for AI tools more than double, a central conflict is arising around who should benefit from the efficiency gains. 52% of in-house teams expect bills to reduce and 62% expect to move away from the billable hour in favor of alternative fee arrangements. 42% of law firm respondents believe AI will reduce overall costs, but only 17% anticipate a willingness to pro-actively change billing practices. Despite these differing expectations both sectors agree that the increased adoption of AI will necessitate a shift in pricing strategies.
    Upcoming legal events that Lupl will be participating in

    Legal Tech Talk

    Europe's Event for Legal Transformation. LegalTechTalk is the place to learn about the latest innovations in legal technology and how you can use them to improve your practice. Get in touch by replying to this email to book a meeting with the Lupl team.

    🇬🇧 London | 13-14th June, 2024 

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