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News You Can Use – January 2024

Ab Saraswat

Ab Saraswat

Lupl's News You Can Use
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    That's another year in the books.

    As we plan for 2024, it's important first to look back. It was an exciting year for the team here at Lupl - we added several talented members, attended 15+ events worldwide, gave over 500 demos, and our users created thousands of new matters on the platform.

    We start the year recapping Lupl's product releases (there were quite a few!) and highlighting a couple of conferences/virtual events where you can connect with the Lupl team. Looking ahead into 2024, we will continue to build upon the strong foundation, be obsessed with delivering value to our clients, and endeavor to be the legal project management platform of choice for law firms worldwide.

    From a broader industry perspective, as is tradition, several publications have complied their 2024 predictions. provides a broad perspective from vendors to firms, but it can best be summed by the comment by Wendy Butler Curtis, Chief Innovation Officer at Orrick: "2023 was about how generative AI works. 2024 will be about how people work with generative AI."

    Richard Susskind, in the Legal IT Insider, postulates that the market will push out the "traditional ways of working," suggesting that law firms will face something akin to the innovator's dilemma, a concept popularized by Clayton Christensen: "It's the innovator's dilemma. Law firms might say they are not going to change until they need to, but by the time they need to change, it's too late."

    Lastly, Zach Abramowitz summarizes the predictions in a sentence: "In 2024, #legaltech is going to hit back." At Lupl, we are ready and excited for this to be a big year.

    What's New in Lupl

    what's new in lupl december


    In our 2023 product recap, we highlight just a few of the many updates our team rolled out this past year. Below is a look at three enhancements we shipped recently:

    🔐 Roles & Permissions

    Lupl is utilized by law firms to manage internal projects and also to invite clients into the matter to extend the platform as a shared desk that enables collaboration and effective working.

    But what if you want to invite others to your matter but don't want them to have access to documents? We've extended Lupl's roles and permissions, allowing you to lock down any part of the matter to others using customized matter roles.

    📝 Solution Templates 

    Matter Templates already offers time-saving tools to help you re-use your best work. Solution Templates take this one step further. You can now create templates that include any custom workstream, from tasks, issues list, to WIP trackers.

    Solution Templates launches with several publically available templates, free for all Lupl users, and you can create your own easily.

    🚀 Small updates that make a big impact

    We shipped too many updates and improvements to list them all. While big feature releases get a mention, we know that all enhancements make an impact for power users. Here are just a few updates that customers appreciated during Lupl demos:

    • The ability to export Worksteams to Excel and Word formats.
    • The global tasks were redesigned to make sorting and searching tasks, matters, tags, and more a breeze.
    • Being able to create matters by simply forwarding an email to Lupl.
    • Significant speed improvements, which make Lupl a joy to use.

    To see the updated Lupl in action, get in touch with our Sales team to schedule a demo.

    Discover How Your Peers Are Utilizing Lupl

    Harness the power of Lupl to enhance your practice, unlocking higher levels of efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for your law firm. Our dedicated Success team has meticulously curated a comprehensive list of almost 100 use cases across various legal practices. Each month, we showcase a different use case to inspire and empower your practice.

    USE CASE - Planning and permissioning_Page_1

    Leverage Lupl to manage the planning, permitting, and land use matters from beginning to end, which reduces risk & manages compliance, enhance visibility, and elevates the client service.

    How it works:

    • Manage and organize zoning memos, stakeholder meeting reports, plot plans, and more - all in one place, securely integrated with your firm's Document Management System.
    • Use Matter Templates to embed best practices for your firm or a given client, accelerating the scoping and planning of matters and ensuring that they are handled in a consistent way, regardless of the team member taking it on.
    • Use Milestones to track key submission, approval, and meeting dates.
    • Pin site location, authority questionnaires, relevant cases, and other resources to your matter for easy reference by the matter team.


    Have a use case you want to share? We would love to hear it. Check out our Use Case Library and submit yours today!

    IRL / URL

    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL) and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).


    • SKILLS 2024 Survey Report: Analysis of 500+ KM and Innovation Leaders survey highlights that AI isn’t going anywhere. While it might be clear that AI will have an impact, firms seem to be still searching for established use cases. Beyond this, there is a strong desire to continue focusing on foundation technologies, such as KM, process improvement, and matter management.
    • US Supreme Court's Roberts urges 'caution' as AI reshapes legal field: In his year-end report, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts expressed a cautious stance on the role of artificial intelligence in the legal field, acknowledging its potential benefits like increasing access to justice and improving legal research, while also highlighting concerns such as privacy and AI's inability to replicate human discretion. Roberts noted: "I predict that human judges will be around for a while.. But with equal confidence I predict that judicial work - particularly at the trial level - will be significantly affected by AI."
    • New Law Firm Pierson Ferdinand LLP Begins Operations: Pierson Ferdinand LLP, a new law firm founded by former FisherBroyles leaders, has started operations with over 130 lawyers, primarily from FisherBroyles, signaling a significant development in the U.S. legal industry. The firm's strategy includes a unique recruitment approach, offering profit-sharing and "founding partner" titles to early joiners. It aims to set new standards in operational efficiency and technological integration in the evolving legal market.
    • EU Strikes Deal to Regulate ChatGPT, AI Tech in Landmark Act: The European Union has reached a significant agreement on what is set to become the most comprehensive artificial intelligence regulation in the Western world. The deal includes controls for generative AI tools like ChatGPT, limitations on live biometric identification, and substantial financial penalties for non-compliance, representing a major step in shaping AI policy and balancing innovation with fundamental rights protection.
    Upcoming legal events that Lupl will be participating in

    SKILLS 2024

    Known as the Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit, or SKILLS, this virtual summit offers a platform for knowledge management and innovation leaders to share insights, discuss current developments in KM and innovation, and the business aspects of law.

    💻 Online | January 18, 2024 | 10 AM - 4PM EST

    Legalweek 2024

    Legalweek is a staple of the legal conference circuit, considered a must-attend legal tech event for information, education, and industry networking. Legalweek offers actionable insights with educational sessions, as well as a chance for legal professionals to get a taste of what new tech is on the market.

    🇺🇸 New York City | January 29 - February 1, 2024

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