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News You Can Use – November 2023

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

Lupl's News You Can Use
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    As the year winds down and we prepare for the holiday season, we're grateful for the incredible feedback we've received from you—our users and the wider legal community. Your positive responses have validated our efforts and fueled our drive to make Lupl the go-to platform for legal project management.

    Lupl's new capabilities are already making waves in the industry, helping legal professionals manage their work more effectively and stay ahead of the curve. We were thrilled to hear much of this feedback from partners during last week's IBA Annual Conference in Paris. Here's a sampling of what we heard:

    • "I'm getting all my other partners to use it now." Partner, International Firm
    • "This is amazing! Incredible work. Can't wait to use it on my next matter." - Associate, International Firm
    • "Great to see the platform evolve so far in such a short period." - European firm

    So, what have we discovered? It's something you may already be aware of: the transformation of how lawyers and legal professionals operate is happening at an astonishing pace. At Lupl, our mission is to support and embrace this evolution.

    Read on to explore the latest industry news and how Lupl is being leveraged to increase profitability in law firms worldwide.👇🏼

    What's New in Lupl

    november lupl news

    Our team has worked hard to improve your experience with Lupl and make getting work done frictionless. Here are the highlights of what we shipped recently.

    ✅ Endlessly Flexible Matter Management

    Seamlessly organize, manage, and execute distinct phases of matters with Lupl Workstreams. Customizable fields, dynamic sorting, and advanced filters empower you to tailor your approach, while scalability ensures you can meet the evolving demands of your clients.

    📃 Transformed Legal Project Coordination

    Revolutionize how you collect and organize vital information with Lupl Forms. Our no-code form builder automates and centralizes responses within Workstreams, eliminating the chaos of scattered emails and disconnected memos.

    🤖 Simplify Legal Projects with LuplAI

    Lupl’s AI saves you time and allows you to focus on your expertise while the technology handles the administrative heavy lifting. While other AI applications focus on content generation, LuplAI helps you capitalize on the experience and knowledge acquired from previous cases to create matter plans.

    Speak with our Sales team to learn more.

    Discover How Your Peers Are Utilizing Lupl

    Harness the power of Lupl to enhance your practice, unlocking higher levels of efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for your law firm. Our dedicated Success team has meticulously curated a comprehensive list of almost 100 use cases across various legal practices. Each month, we showcase a different use case to inspire and empower your practice.

    managing legal due diligence exercise

    Lupl can be used to streamline the preparation of corporate due diligence, providing enhanced visibility, a boost to collaboration and teamwork, improved efficiency and profitability, and assist with risk and compliance management, which positions the firm to win more work.

    How it works:

    • Centralize all inputs in a fast-moving due diligence process within a single system.
    • Implement Matter Templates to ensure due diligence aligns with best practices and nothing gets missed.
    • Consolidate communication and documentation within the team for improved focus and organization.
    • Utilize Lupl Workstreams aid task management with enhanced visibility, deadline tracking, and task responsibility.
    • Pin the Data Room link to your Lupl Matter for easy access without excessive emails.
    • Utilize Lupl Forms for team members to use while preparing their contributions to the Due Diligence report, centralize inputs, and manage version control.
    • Notify team members of assigned tasks, upcoming deadlines, and mentions in matters through Lupl notifications.
    • Make documents actionable by commenting, assigning specific document tasks, and using custom tags.

    Have a use case you want to share? We would love to hear it. Check out our Use Case Library and submit yours today!

    📣 Calling all Early Adopters! 📣

    Don't miss your chance to be part of our early adopter program for Lupl's upcoming Virtual LPM (VLPM) feature!

    VLPM is your virtual legal project management assistant designed to revolutionize how you manage your legal matters. As we fine-tune this groundbreaking addition, we invite our users to get a first look by joining our early adopter program. If you're the type who loves to be at the forefront of legal tech innovation and offer constructive feedback, this opportunity is tailor-made for you! To express your interest in becoming an early adopter of VLPM, reach out to our Sales team.

    We're excited to refine this feature with your help, reshaping the future of legal project management together!

    IRL / URL

    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL) and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • Are fragmented legal tech stacks a recipe for failure? Our take - The legal industry is undergoing a technological revolution, but the abundance of products can lead to fragmented and disconnected tech stacks within legal departments, hindering efficiency. To address this, legal tech needs to prioritize interoperability, seamlessly integrating with existing tech stacks and offering all-in-one solutions. For mid-sized legal departments with simpler needs, bundled pricing and user-friendly technology are valuable. Interoperable tech reduces data silos and process gaps, providing a holistic view of legal matters. As the legal tech industry grows, more integrated platforms are expected to emerge, promising a bright future for the legal industry.


    • In-House Counsel Must Fuse Tradition and Technology for Success. Our take - Balancing legal tradition with technology in the legal field while preserving core values can be challenging. General Counsels are urged to prepare for the integration of technology, particularly with new graduates, to create a more effective and collaborative legal sector. The post suggests a list of legal traditions to preserve, including attention to detail, ethics, and the rule of law. Simultaneously, it advocates enhancing legal practices with technology to streamline processes, improve collaboration, and remain adaptable to new tools. The fusion of tradition and technology aims to meet client needs, improve service quality, and maintain ethical standards, fostering collaboration between experienced legal professionals and technologically adept newcomers to address evolving challenges in the field.


    • Building Trust in Legal AI Systems Through Audits. Our take - AI audits have gained significance in the legal field as AI technology is more deeply integrated into legal processes. These audits ensure that AI systems meet standards like transparency, fairness, safety, and compliance with regulations. In law and legal technology, AI audits can be conducted at various stages, including before deployment, post-deployment monitoring, triggered by specific incidents, regulatory requirements, annual or periodic reviews, and mergers or acquisitions. These audits are essential to uphold the integrity, reliability, and ethical use of AI systems in the legal sector, building trust and protecting individual rights.


    • Is AI about to transform the legal profession? Our take - This blog post discusses the legal industry's debate over the use of artificial intelligence (AI). It highlights the benefits of AI, such as automation and improved research, as well as concerns about bias and accountability. Legal professionals face the dual challenge of potential job reduction and ethical AI use. Law firms are exploring AI tools from providers like LexisNexis and Microsoft, but cost remains a concern. Some firms are considering non-legal AI platforms. Testing AI models is crucial to ensure performance, and companies like RobinAI combine AI with human oversight. AI's potential to democratize legal information and help individuals access legal tools is noted. However, legal challenges and transparency issues in AI usage are on the horizon.
    Upcoming legal events that Lupl will be participating in

    Building Better Habits with LPM

    Don't miss our upcoming webinar, "Build Better Habits with LPM," where our expert panelists will share actionable insights to elevate your legal project management game. Register now to learn nine simple yet impactful habits that can transform your time and task management in the legal field.

    💻 Online | November 14, 2023 | 11 AM EST / 4PM BST

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