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News You Can Use – September 2023

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

Lupl's News You Can Use
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    Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in this month's "news you can use." Here's what you will find inside:

    • Lupl product updates
    • How Lupl customers are using the platform (use cases)
    • IRL/URL - some of the best content we found around the web last month

    Editors note:

    Welcome to the September edition of our monthly newsletter! As we bid farewell to the summer season, Lupl is thrilled to unveil our most monumental feature update to date! While the legal industry as a whole may be slow to embrace new technology, individuals are increasingly embracing emerging tech on a daily basis. The perspective on legal tech within our industry is rapidly evolving, sparking a rise in demand for tools and platforms that simplify and enhance the management of legal matters in a more intuitive manner.

    The overwhelming enthusiasm and curiosity surrounding our upcoming features at ILTACON 2023 showcased the perfect alignment of Lupl to meet this emerging demand. For the past two years, we have diligently listened to our valued users and the legal community, refining our features to effectively tackle the real-world challenges that lawyers and legal professionals encounter daily.

    Read on explore the trends above in more detail, and learn how Lupl is being leveraged to elevate the client experience 👇🏼.

    What's New in Lupl

    project lemur complete

    Our team has been hard at work to improve your experience with Lupl, and make getting work done frictionless. Behind the scenes, our development team is busy putting the finishing touches on our Fall Release. Want more info right now? We got you!

    📽️ Missed us at ILTACON? Check out this short video to learn more about how we are changing the future of managing legal work.

    🍿 Book your demo today! Let our expert sales team guide you through a personalized tour of Lupl's cutting-edge features and an exclusive preview of what's on the horizon.

    🚀 Join our Early Adopter Program. We are always looking for legal tech enthusiasts who want to test our new features and help us evolve our platform to meet the changing needs of our users. Is that you??

    Speak with our Sales team to learn more.

    Discover How Your Peers are Utilizing Lupl

    Harness the power of Lupl to enhance your practice, unlocking higher levels of efficiency, client satisfaction, and profitability for your law firm. Our dedicated Success team has meticulously curated a comprehensive list of over 80 use cases spanning across various legal practices. Each month, we showcase a different use case to inspire and empower your practice.


    Lupl can be used to support a client during a competition regulatory investigation, providing a boost to collaboration and teamwork, improved efficiency & profitability, enhanced visibility and an elevated client experience, which positions the firm to win more work.

    How it works:

    • Use Lupl as a shared workspace to track and support investigations.
    • Centralize storage of key documents, including correspondence with authorities, synced to your DMS.
    • Allow clients to directly upload relevant documents and materials into shared folders.
    • Implement Lupl Matter Templates as playbooks for supporting clients during regulatory investigations.
    • Collaborate on draft responses to authorities.

    Have a use case you want to share? We would love to hear it. Check out our new Use Case Library and submit yours today!

    📣 Calling all Early Adopters! 📣

    There is still time to join our beta program for an exciting new feature coming to Lupl this fall - Create with Lupl AI!

    This innovative feature has been designed to streamline the process of creating new matters, harnessing the power of AI. As we finalize it's development, we are thrilled to extend an exclusive opportunity to our users to join our beta testing program. If you are an early adopter who revels in exploring cutting-edge features and providing invaluable feedback, this is your time to shine! To register your interest in the beta program, email our Sales team.

    We value your involvement and eagerly anticipate enhancing Lupl with your valuable contribution!


    A collection of interesting finds across the web (URL), and updates on where to meet with the Lupl team in real life (IRL).

    • AI Update: Regulation Discussion Ramps Up, Google’s Watermark Experiment. Our take - The article provides an update on discussions surrounding AI regulation, with a focus on Google's recent watermark experiment. It highlights the increasing attention given to regulating artificial intelligence technologies. The article mentions Google's experiment involving watermarks on AI-generated images, which aimed to address concerns about deepfake content. This experiment aimed to make it easier to identify AI-generated images, contributing to the efforts to tackle misinformation and manipulated content. The article also points out that discussions on AI regulation are becoming more prominent and necessary, given the potential risks and ethical considerations tied to AI technologies. It emphasizes that Google's experiment illustrates the ongoing exploration of solutions to the challenges posed by AI-generated content and the broader need for regulations that balance innovation with safeguards against potential misuse.
    • Canadian Legal Tech Companies CiteRight and Jurisage to Merge. Our take - Hot off the presses! CiteRight and Jurisage, announced yesterday a merger between the two companies, aimed at combining the strengths of both to enhance their offerings in the space. CiteRight specializes in legal document analysis and citation software, while Jurisage focuses on providing legal research tools. The merger is expected to create a more comprehensive and integrated platform for legal professionals, enabling them to efficiently manage legal documents, perform research, and streamline their workflows. The article highlights the strategic rationale behind the merger and the potential benefits it can bring to the legal tech landscape in Canada.
    • Revolving Doors: Paul Hastings continues infrastructure hiring spree as White & Case strengthens debt finance practice. Our take - With so many significant developments happening all over the legal industry, it's hard to keep up. This article focuses on the law firm side, in particular, infrastructure hiring at Paul Hastings and the strengthening of White & Case's debt finance practice. These strategic moves within prominent law firms underscore the evolving landscape and potential areas of collaboration for legal tech professionals. As law firms expand their practice areas, the demand for technology-driven solutions could present opportunities for innovation, efficiency enhancement, and tailored services. Staying attuned to these shifts and engaging with firms like Paul Hastings and White & Case could facilitate meaningful partnerships and solution development that align with the changing needs of the legal field.
    • In the World of Legal Tech, Tomorrowland is Here: Observations from ILTACON. Our take - We had to throw in one more ILTACON recap! This article explores the evolving landscape of legal technology, ignited by the pandemic and persisting through the hybrid nature of work today, and underscores its rising impact on the legal profession. It reiterates the necessity for legal professionals to adapt to changing dynamics due to emerging technologies and evolving client expectations. The piece highlights trends like AI, automation, and data analytics, illustrating their potential to reshape legal processes and client interactions. It also emphasizes that embracing these innovations is crucial for staying competitive, meeting modern legal practice demands, and delivering enhanced value to clients.
    Upcoming legal events that Lupl will be participating in

    Why Be a Candle When You Can Be a Lighthouse: Illuminating the Path with LPM

    Embrace the opportunity to gain valuable insights in our enlightening webinar about Legal Project Management (LPM). This informative session aims to empower you to transition from being a small flicker in the extensive legal field to a lighthouse, leading the way with efficient and effective management approaches.

    💻 Online | September 12, 2023 | 11 AM EST / 4PM BST

    TechLaw.Fest 2023

    Lupl is a proud partner of the Singapore Law Academy and the Ministry of Law, Singapore. Lupl is thrilled to once again exhibit at TechLawFest this September. Hear from subject matter experts and join the global conversation about current legal trends around the world.

    🇸🇬 Singapore | September 21-22, 2023

    IBA Paris 2023

    Lupl is excited to announce its participation in the annual IBA conference once again this year. The event will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, France. Come see us at Booth 15, where you will have a chance to get a first look at Lupl's newest features and snag some Lupl swag to take home with you!

    🇫🇷 Paris | October 29 - November 2, 2023

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