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5 Powerful Features of Lupl You Might Not Know About

India Preston

India Preston

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    Let’s be honest, legal technology has been slow to move with the times. With only 37% of law firms currently using legal tech, many lawyers are forced to battle with systems that are clunky and impractical. So unsurprisingly, 60% of lawyers are dissatisfied with their tech stack.1 2

    But all that’s about to change. New platforms are bringing the legal world into the 21st century. Take Lupl, for example. We’re on a mission to simplify the way legal experts communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally. We’ve made it mobile, secure, and easy to use. In other words, we’re transforming the way legal works. 

    Just as you’re always looking for ways to help your clients, we’re always looking for ways to help you. We’re doing it through new features that simplify processes. In this article, we’ll explain how, by highlighting five powerful Lupl features you might not know about. Enjoy. 

    1. Matter templates

    As a legal professional, you juggle multiple matters every day. Creating checklists, managing folders, storing information and communicating with clients can take up a huge amount of time. We’ve got a fix for that.

    Matter templates give you access to a growing range of pre-made templates, created by our vibrant community of legal professionals, including respected organizations such as LexisNexis. If you don’t find the exact one you need, suggest a new one via our community or create your very own custom template.

    So why does this matter? Well, because your time is valuable. You want to spend it doing what you do best: solving your clients’ problems. Our matter templates enable you to do this faster, better, and more efficiently, allowing you to:

    • Consolidate your knowledge and research in one centralised, easy-to-access workspace.
    • Save hours searching for information in hard-to-find documents located in equally hard-to-find folders.
    • Get started on matters quickly — and on the go, as our matter templates are available on iOS.
    • Improve your research. Browser extensions let you bookmark or ‘pin’ your information to a matter, keeping everything important together — we call it Lupl Pins.
    • Bolster your knowledge management, sharing information and know-how internally, and externally, with everyone who has access to the matter.

    On our free plan, you get access to three matters so you can get working right away. But if you upgrade to one of our premium plans, you’ll have access to unlimited matters and customizable templates, giving you even more control over your matter management. Matters made easy.

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    2. Integrations 

    Law firms typically use a lot of different technology to help them deliver legal services — covering everything from e-billing and e-signatures to document management, knowledge management, and compliance tools. A lot of these tools can be frustrating to use, are outdated, or not specifically designed for the needs of the legal sector. 

    While Lupl’s collaboration tool allows you to eliminate some of these platforms, there are others you need to keep. This is where integrations come in. We’ve built integrations with some of the most important external apps and platforms, allowing you to connect data and workflows seamlessly across different technologies. Let’s look at some examples.


    WhatsApp is pretty much everyone’s go-to communication tool. It’s what your clients know and use. It’s what outside counsel uses. It’s what you use. So why move to another app? With Lupl, you can: 

    • Converse with clients securely
    • Send secure document links in WhatsApp to your clients and partners, directly from your document management system.
    • Receive client feedback on documents — and have that feedback automatically added to the matter.
    • Make changes to documents after you send them, ensuring that everyone is working off the current version.
    • Meet sector-specific security and compliance obligations.

    Clio and Tessaract

    Our out-of-the-box Clio and Tessaract integrations enable you to connect Lupl with your financial and billing data, allowing you to access your practice management systems more effectively. 

    But there’s more… 

    Lupl also integrates with your project management systems, task and document management systems — in fact, we can integrate with pretty much anything you can think of. Lupl is an open platform, which means any tech provider can integrate with it using open APIs. 

    Put simply, Lupl’s integrations connect your legal tech stack ‘plug-in-and-play’ style, bringing all the data, research, knowledge, and workflows you need together under one roof. No hassle, no fuss. This transforms the way you collaborate with clients and share documents, giving you the tools you need to get work done quickly and efficiently. 

    While our free plan offers some integrations to get you started, our premium plans give you access to more advanced integrations. This enables Lupl to become the central hub of your legal tech ecosystem, bringing everything together in one place. Simple.

    3. Security

    One look at recent law firm data breaches shows the legal sector isn’t as secure as it could be. That’s why Lupl is a Security by Design platform. In other words, we’ve designed Lupl to be as secure as possible, enabling you to reduce the risk of breaches through smart features and measures. Here are some key examples:

    • SOC2 accreditation: Lupl is fully SOC2 certified, meaning that its services meet certain standards for trustworthiness, security, and privacy.
    • Integrations: Lupl brings multiple platforms together in one centralised place, reducing the vulnerabilities of a disunited tech stack and the risk of human error when switching between multiple apps. It also reduces the use of email, one of the main culprits in recent data breaches.
    • Recipient notifications: Before you hit send on that document containing important information, a notification pops up in Lupl to remind you who you’re sharing it with — for that extra peace of mind.

    Together, these features improve ease of communication while reducing the risk of security breaches. And when you consider that 68% of legal sector data breaches are caused internally,3 you don’t need us to tell you how important this is.

    4. Project management

    There are so many moving parts in a legal project — just look at a closing checklist. At Lupl, we help bring these moving parts together in a cohesive, clear, and user-friendly way. Here are some of Lupl’s project management features that make this possible. 

    • Link documents and tasks: Link one or more documents on your document management system, or Lupl Drive, directly to a task, allowing you to easily create closing or trial checklists
    • Add multiple tasks to a document: Assign reviews and to-dos on a document to specific people — and then have them automatically chased for input before the deadline
    • Advanced sub-foldering: Store and organise documents in the Lupl Drive using multiple sub-folders, making it easy to share collections and find what you’re looking for.

    Lupl also offers integrated document and task management, giving you a 360-degree view of who’s working on what — and to which deadline.

    No need to chase people by email or phone to find out if they’ve completed a certain task. It’s all there on your mobile or computer. Having everything centralized in one easy-to-read dashboard makes collaboration simple and easy.

    Our free plan allows you to manage three live matters at a time. But to keep on top of all your projects, our premium plans give you unlimited matters and unparalleled project management.

    5. Unified communication and collaboration

    Compared to other communication tools, email is incredibly slow and tiresome. Yet that’s what many law firms still use. Alongside our WhatsApp integration, one of Lupl’s most powerful features is its ability to integrate with a whole host of communication platforms, reducing your law firm’s reliance on email.

    Instead of jumping between multiple modes of digital communication, Lupl brings them all together in one place. For example, with email integrated into the app, you don’t have to keep switching back and forth between your email and Lupl. It’s all unified. 

    What’s more, by creating easy-to-use matters, you can store not only your research and documentation but also all related communications within each matter. No more trying to remember whether, why, when, or to whom you sent a message. It’s all there in Lupl.

    The impact on your firm could be transformational, including:

    A platform more powerful than the sum of its parts

    So there you have it — a dedicated matter management platform designed by lawyers, for lawyers. And while many of the great features we’ve covered are available on our freemium model, upgrading to premium gives you full customization, as many templates as you’ll ever need, and much much more. 

    Together, these features combine to deliver legal technology that is more powerful than the sum of its parts — with the power to transform the way you communicate, collaborate, and deliver legal services. 

    Legal tech doesn’t have to be hard to use and disjointed. With Lupl, you can enjoy a seamless digital experience that makes your life easier, giving you more time to deliver the outstanding legal support that your clients expect. 

    To find out more about how Lupl can help you, request a free demo today.


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    3  68% of Legal Sector Data Breaches Caused by Insider Threats

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