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Q3 2023 Product Update

Morgan Hedges

Morgan Hedges

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    The Lupl Team has been diligently working on refining our platform to elevate user experience and broaden its applications. We are thrilled to share the advancements made in our recent development cycles and are eager to unveil a host of new features and enhancements.

    The Lupl product team works in 3-week sprints, enabling us to swiftly implement impactful modifications based on user feedback, solidifying Lupl’s position as the leading legal project management software for law firms.

    In this post, we provide a detailed overview of the key recent enhancements, organized by feature categories.

    Legal Project Management

    Lupl has made significant updates that assist and streamline the process of managing legal matters. In our mission to make your legal work as efficient as possible, we’ve introduced two new features that will significantly streamline the process of managing daily activities, and capturing and collating knowledge.

    First, we’ve added Lupl Workstreams: an all-in-one solution designed to make planning, organizing, and delivering your legal matters a breeze. From intuitive building blocks for scoping out projects to a comprehensive toolkit that includes Checklists, Step Plans, and more, Workstreams offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

    Kickstart your projects effortlessly with Lupl Workstreams. Whether you’re starting from scratch or leveraging past projects, our intuitive building blocks and templates help you outline the scope, budget, and work plan with ease. No more guesswork—just a clear roadmap for your legal matters.

    With Lupl Workstreams, you can easily export your project details to Word or Excel in a single click. This makes it effortless to share your work with clients and stakeholders, whether they’re on the Lupl platform or not.

    Lupl Workstreams are the ultimate LPM tool.

    Second, Meet Lupl Forms, our latest feature designed to simplify complex legal workflows. Born out of real-world challenges, Forms is a no-code form builder that automates the capture of essential information. Say goodbye to endless email threads and manual Excel tracking; with just a few clicks, you can customize, generate, and send out Forms that integrate seamlessly into your Workstreams.

    Lupl Forms aren’t just about data capture; they’re about making your life easier across various use cases—from matter intake and regulatory projects to approvals and client feedback. The best part? Form responses land directly in your Workstream, neatly organized, and respondents don’t even need to be on the Lupl platform.

    These new features are part of our ongoing commitment to making Lupl the most user-friendly and efficient legal project management software for legal professionals and lawyers. We’re confident that they will make your work even more efficient and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    LuplAI and vLPM [Beta]

    Say goodbye to the administrative hassle that often takes up half of your legal work. While many tools focus on AI for drafting and research, LuplAI tackles the other 50%—the planning and scoping of your matters. Starting a new project is as easy as forwarding an email to your firm’s unique matter creation address in Lupl. Our AI will automatically generate a scope of work, steps plan, and even a budget (coming soon), while also auto-filing your documents.

    With LuplAI, you’re getting a partner that adapts to your needs. Create a new matter with a simple text prompt and receive a comprehensive plan in under a minute. Customize LuplAI to fit your specific area of law, jurisdiction, or even connect your preferred AI model. Embed your firm’s unique requirements into matter opening and closing checklists for a truly tailored experience.

    Finally, we understand the importance of security and compliance in the legal industry. Rest assured, LuplAI is built to meet your firm’s stringent security standards. Your input will never be used to train the model, and all operations are subject to our robust SOC 2 and ISO-aligned controls. Interested in taking our Virtual LPM (vLPM) for a test drive? Contact to request beta access.

    Integrated Knowledge with Templates

    In our quest to simplify the management and execution of administrative tasks for lawyers and legal professionals, Lupl is very excited to announce a new evolution in our Templates feature.

    The vast majority of valuable insights in legal matters often do not get captured for future use, leaving legal teams to reinvent the wheel at the start of every new matter. We’re on a mission to change that with our suite of new features collectively known as “Integrated Knowledge.” From cloning a Matter to building a matter using Lupl Templates, importing Workstreams and even saving existing Matters as Templates, we’ve got you covered.

    Our Integrated Knowledge features are designed to make your legal practice more efficient and adaptable. From contract negotiations to dispute resolution, real estate deals to regulatory matters, you can effortlessly tap into the expertise you need from inception to completion. Eliminate the need for starting from scratch and tailor your legal practice to suit your needs.

    UI Improvements & Enhanced Views

    We’re excited to announce some major updates to our user interface that are designed to make your experience on Lupl more intuitive and efficient. Gone is the old left-hand menu; say hello to our sleek new top menu bar. This change not only modernizes the look but also streamlines navigation, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

    We’ve revamped the Matters view to include more user-friendly ways to sort your matters and track their progress. Now you can quickly identify the status of each matter at a glance. But that’s not all—we’ve also updated the Matter Views themselves to include Workstream and Forms views. These enhancements allow you to effortlessly dive into any matter and stay focused, ensuring that you have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

    Security & Compliance

    Lupl has recently achieved two prestigious international security certifications—ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2. This dual certification not only underscores Lupl’s commitment to safeguarding client data but also offers an added layer of protection, ensuring robust systems for risk mitigation and business continuity. At Lupl, we recognize that achieving data security is an ongoing process, not a final goal. While earning certifications marks significant progress, the real value lies in the enduring dedication that drives these achievements. As we keep innovating in the legal tech space, you can be confident that our steadfast commitment to ensuring your security, building trust, and fostering your success will never waver.

    Research and Upcoming Features

    As always, in the weeks ahead, we will continue to unveil a series of exciting new features as part of our comprehensive roadmap. Our commitment is to enrich the LPM experience, for lawyers, legal project managers, and legal professionals. These enhancements are designed to help you and your team manage matters more effectively and deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on these new features and improvements, or if you have a feature request or feedback, please don’t hesitate to share with us. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance and expand Lupl’s capabilities.

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