10 Use Cases for Lupl Workstreams

Workstreams are an infinitely flexible way to plan, organize and deliver legal work. Here are 10 easy ways Workstreams can streamline your next matter, beyond pure task management. Build and manage a budget Tired of building a budget and scope in Excel, Outlook or Word? Build and manage your scope, budget and assumptions with Lupl’s…

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Lupl’s ILTACON 2023 Experience: Igniting Legal Tech Connections

Lupl at ILTACON 2023 in Orlando, Florida

What an exhilarating journey it has been at ILTACON 2023! As the dust is settling, we are filled with excitement over the insightful conversations, innovative technologies, and impactful connections that took place last week in Orlando. This year’s conference demonstrates the legal industry is ready for exponential growth and advancement. Throughout the event, Booth #200…

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How Can Lupl Be Customized to Suit Specific Practice Areas?

Customize Lupl to fit your legal practice area

The legal landscape is diverse, with each practice area’s unique requirements and challenges. Customization in legal tech is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Lupl, with its innovative features, offers a solution that can be tailored to various practice areas. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into how Lupl’s specific features can be…

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Introducing Workstreams by Lupl

Lupl is a revolutionary way to plan, organize, and deliver your next matter

A revolutionary new way to plan, organize and deliver your next matter. In law, every practice area is different. An M&A transaction has little in common with litigation. Asset financing is markedly different from a data privacy matter.   But despite their differences, there are common threads. Most matters have (or should have!) a budget,…

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So Long, Stack of Legal Memos

streamline the management of multi-jurisdictional legal projects

It’s time to streamline the management of multi-jurisdictional legal projects. At a time when business is becoming increasingly international, a new role has emerged in law firms – that of the international lawyer.   International lawyers regularly work on multi-jurisdictional projects. Whether they’re advising a tech company on privacy regulations across EMEA, a media company on…

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News You Can Use – August 2023

Lupl's News You Can Use

As we move into the dog days of summer, AI continues to dominate conversations in the legal industry. AI is transforming the way legal professionals work and molding the future of the legal field. It’s not just about efficiency and cost-saving; AI is enabling lawyers to deliver more value to their clients, offering insights and…

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How Lupl Enables Efficient Matter Management

Streamlining Legal Work

LexMundi hosts frequent meetings for their member firms to keep them abreast of leading legal technologies and how they might impact the delivery of legal service. Lupl was invited to deliver a session to the LexMundi member firms on the benefits of legal project management, enabling effective delivery of legal service and improving the client…

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News You Can Use – July 2023

lupl newsletter

Welcome to the July edition of our monthly newsletter! As summer heats up, Lupl is thrilled to be part of several legal tech events showcasing all the latest innovations around the industry and how to overcome the inevitable challenges legal professionals face as a result. From an informative ILTA Product Briefing highlighting why Lupl is…

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What Lupl Can Do to Improve Legal Knowledge Management

Two men in business meeting

Did you know that only 14% of law firms believe that technology is driving efficiency and productivity to its full potential? Or that law firms currently invest just 1% of revenue on innovation projects?1 2 It’s no surprise, considering the challenges of implementing new tech in an industry that is known for being slow to…

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Unlock The Full Potential Of Lupl With The Use Case Library  

Lupl use case library is now available

In the dynamic world of legal project management and collaboration, adaptability, and innovation are crucial. We at Lupl, the leading LPM and collaboration platform for legal professionals, understand these challenges and continually strive to equip you with resources that enhance your use of our platform. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight our Lupl Use Case Library…

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