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How Dentons Enhances Legal Project Management with Lupl

Ab Saraswat

Ab Saraswat

How Dentons Enhances Legal Project Management with Lupl (LPM)
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    As the world’s largest law firm, Dentons is no stranger to complex, multi-faceted legal matters that require meticulous management and coordination. To stay at the forefront of innovation and client service, Dentons’ UK and Middle East offices have adopted Lupl as their go-to platform for Legal Project Management (LPM), propelling their practice into a new era of efficiency.

    James Arnold, Head of Legal Project Management at Dentons UK and Middle East, shared his experience working with Lupl during the Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS) Showcase.

    The content in this post, including quotations herein, is based on the presentation titled “Counter Intuitive Collaboration – A Fresh Take on Tech Adoption,” which was aired on January 18, 2024, during the Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders’ Summit (SKILLS) Showcase. A recording of the original presentation is included above.

    Simply Meeting Users’ Needs

    In an industry where tools often come laden with features that can obscure rather than clarify, Lupl’s simplicity, and end-user-first design, offers a breath of fresh air. James, explains how Lupl’s clear purpose immediately resonated with them:

    “Too many platforms that we’ve seen in the market try and do too much, and they try and cover too many bases, and they don’t necessarily get it 100 percent right in all those use cases. So, what we found in Lupl is that it had one message, one clear purpose, and it did it really well.”

    This focus on doing one thing exceptionally well has made Lupl an easy choice for Dentons’ sophisticated needs.

    A Collaborative Journey

    The process began with a strategic collaboration between Dentons’ innovation team and Lupl. Together, they identified specific challenges within large teams working under tight deadlines—such as task tracking and transparency during complex transactions—to tailor a solution that truly fits.

    James reflects on this partnership:

    We worked really closely with Lupl, to shape what that looks like. And actually, working with a startup has really helped with that… we worked really closely with India and the team to develop what the use cases might be and to shape what the product is now.”

    Strategic Rollout Focused on Real Needs

    To ensure successful adoption across various practice groups at Dentons, James emphasized the importance of identifying sponsors from both leadership levels down to lawyers involved in day-to-day operations. Through targeted training sessions complemented by broader divisional meetings, they cast a wide net before diving deeper into specific use cases tailored to each team’s unique challenges.

    “Getting sponsors au fait with Lupl and getting them up to speed with it and actually using them as a voice is really powerful and something that we’ve very much leaned on.”

    Following a comprehensive process-mapping workshop in their banking and finance practice, Dentons identified Lupl as the optimal solution to enhance team communication and provide transparent oversight of tasks.

    Embracing Innovation for Future Success

    For firms like Dentons looking towards the future of LPM practices—where cutting through complexity is key—embracing Lupl can make all the difference. James Arnold’s forward-thinking approach serves as an inspiration for others aiming to enhance efficiency without losing sight of client needs or compromising security standards.

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    No more getting lost in emails, Excel spreadsheets, and Word tables. Keep track of everything easily and in real-time, effortlessly with Lupl!

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