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Legal Tech: The Best Tech Gadgets that Every Legal Professional Needs

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

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    Technology is changing the way that things get done. Across nearly every industry, new tech is being rolled out on a seemingly continuous basis. Legal tech and general tech gadgets are no longer merely cool gifts to give to someone you care about during the holidays. Indeed, there are now tech gadgets available that can benefit virtually every legal professional.

    The right tech gadgets and a well-developed tech infrastructure can make practicing law as efficient as possible—saving time and money. At Lupl, we are proud to be leaders in legal technology. Our team offers a first-of-its-kind open industry platform for legal collaboration. In this article, we highlight seven of the top tech gadgets that every legal professional needs.

    Seven Tech Gadgets for Lawyers in 2022

    1. The LegalBoard (A Keyboard for Lawyers)

    Did you know that there is a keyboard available that is designed specifically for the needs of attorneys and other legal professionals. The LegalBoard allows the user to easily switch from a standardized keyboard mode into the “legal” keyboard mode. With a single keystroke, you will be able to access several dozen functions that lawyers use routinely but that are relatively uncommon in other settings. As a simple example, you can insert the § symbol or ¶ symbol with a single stroke. The LegalBoard is a tech gadget for lawyers that can increase productivity by limiting the number of required mouse clicks and keystrokes to draft a document. All those extra clicks can really add up.

    2. Pocket Projector (Presentation in Any Setting)

    A pocket projector can be another useful tech gadget for lawyers in 2022—especially for lawyers who are frequently on the move. With a pocket projector (mini projector), you can turn just about any flat surface into a space to give a clear presentation. It is a relatively simple tool that lets lawyers impress current and potential clients by giving a well-prepared presentation without nearly as much fuss. Mini pocket projectors are growing in popularity. There are a number of different options available, including from Brookstone and Amazon. Considering the affordable cost, a pocket projector could be the right gadget to simplify your presentations.

    3. The Portable Pen Scanner (Easily Scan Text)

    It is no secret that an increasing share of legal work is digital. At the same time, many lawyers regularly come across handwritten documents and some lawyers still prefer good old pen and paper. To edit a handwritten document, you generally need to scan it and then convert it into another format. Any attorney who has worked with an old school scanner knows that this has the potential to be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Portable pen scanners, including the Executive 7 IRIS USB Pen Scanner, offer a solution. With a portable pen scanner, the only thing you have to do is to “underline” the text that you want to scan. When you do so, the selected text will be transformed into an easily-editable digital document. It is a gadget for lawyers that can save a lot of time and hassle. (Side note: Try Lupl’s iOS document scanning feature at on the App Store.

    4. A Smartpen (Easily Digitize Everything You Write)

    Beyond a pen scanner, lawyers may also be interested in a smartpen. Are you most comfortable writing notes or other information by hand? If so, that presents a potential challenge. It can be more difficult to go back and edit those documents. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen provides a useful solution as it allows you to easily digitize everything that you write with it. Using the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, you can save both written notes and audio recordings. With the digital copy, it is far easier to edit, search, or otherwise use information you recorded.

    5. Portable Solar Charger (Keep Devices Powered When on the Move)

    There have been incredible advances in computer technology. Laptops, smartphones, and other digital devices are far more powerful than they were even just ten years ago. At the same time, the advances in battery power still remain an issue—especially as devices begin to age. Virtually every legal professional has dealt with a situation where a key device is running out of battery. Lack of charge can be stressful and frustrating—particularly if you are already busy and constantly on the run. A portable solar charger offers a potential solution. As described by GoalZero, a portable solar charger is a tech gadget that you take with you and charge up your devices when needed.

    6. A Mug Warmer (Keep Coffee or Tea Warm All Day)

    Attorneys consume a lot of coffee and tea. A significant percentage of legal professionals start their day with a warm drink. Of course, it is not uncommon for a lawyer to get pulled away from their desk, stuck on a phone call, or otherwise caught up on a task near the beginning of the day. After just 20 minutes, that hot cup of coffee or tea is now lukewarm at best. For most people, a room temperature cup of coffee just does not hit the same way.

    The Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer is a tech gadget that offers a solution to lawyers and other busy professionals. In effect, it is a smart device that can sense the temperature of a mug. Using gravity induction, the coffee mug warmer can keep the contents of the cup—coffee, tea, etc—at the desired temperature. Even if you get pulled away from your desk for a morning meeting that drags on for longer than expected, your coffee or tea will still be hot when you return.

    Legal Tech: Lupl Helps Lawyers and Law Firms Integrate Tech Gadgets Into Their Practice

    Tech gadgets can be great for legal professionals. There is no doubt that the right gadgets can help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. At the same time, attorneys and law firms need the right legal tech infrastructure in place. This is where Lupl provides an answer. Lupl is an open industry platform that offers a better and easier way for legal professionals to share documents, communicate securely, manage projects, and get work done.

    Lupl was designed with the needs of legal professionals in mind. The innovators understand how important compatibility is in legal tech. Lupl is fully compatible with a wide array of the most popular third party applications and tech gadgets. Are you ready to see how modern legal tech can save you and your organization time, money, and stress. We are here to help: Get started today for free or request a comprehensive demonstration.

    Contact Our Legal Tech Team to Get Started Today

    At Lupl, we are committed to helping legal professionals connect with the technology that they need to make their life more simple. Our open industry platform is an efficient, effective, and intuitive tool that makes it easier to work collaboratively, track projects, and get things done. If you have any questions about legal tech, we can help. Give us a call or contact our team online to get started.

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