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Shifting from a Product-Focused to a Value-Based Website

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

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    Kalina Leopold, Lupl’s Senior Manager of Customer Success & Growth, recently had the chance to sit down with the folks at Pathmonk for a chat about Lupl’s market and growth strategy.

    Lupl helps legal teams and law firms easily organize, track and collaborate on legal matters. With so much happening in the legal matter management space today, Pathmonk was curious about where Lupl can provide the most value in the market and our efforts to grow the business.

    Lupl is all about moving legal work forward. And that’s what we all want, right? To make legal work easier while still maintaining compliance and security protocols, protecting our organization’s and our clients’ best interests. In fact, that is how Lupl got started. Two law firms on two different continents, Cooley and CMS, needed to find a way to collaborate on a matter for a joint client of theirs. Once the project got rolling, a third law firm Rajah & Tann, on yet another continent jumped on board. And voila! Lupl was created by people working together in the US, UK and Singapore.

    Lupl truly was created by lawyers, for lawyers. But it’s not just lawyers who have had a hand in creating the platform we use today. Individuals from over 16 corporate legal departments and innovation teams on our board help us to understand the real needs and requirements of today’s modern law firm or legal department.

    That is what we are all really about: bringing people together. Which is why, when asked about our market strategy, Kalina discusses her efforts to transition from a product-focused website to a value-based website. Kalina gives insight into our efforts across email and sales outreach, in-person and virtual events, personal networking, and knowledge sharing through white papers, et al. Which is why we are shifting our marketing efforts and content focus of our website: we want to focus on community building through events and webinars, allowing us to mimic the types of quality interactions we enjoy at in-person events and conferences!

    What has Kalina learned on this journey? First, the best way to engage an audience is to bring other people in to speak with you! Find others who have something they want to talk about and build the webinar (or event) out from there. What’s the best way to have a true dialogue with the audience? Kalina has seen the most positive results by not recording webinars intended to be interactive; it builds trust and adds a level of security to the space which makes the audience feel more comfortable to participate.

    It’s a quick, light-hearted listen that we hope will help inspire you to on your growth journey!

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