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Enhance Your Legal Practice: Explore 5 Innovative Public Solution Templates on Lupl

India Preston

India Preston

Lupl matter solution templates
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    Matter templates have been a core to Lupl since the early days. Templates provide a starting point, eliminate the blank page problem, and are an integral component of integrating knowledge management.

    Lupl already comes bundled with several public templates, created by us and trusted partners such as Lexis Nexis, we are expanding on this offering.

    New Public Solution Templates in Lupl

    We’ve been busy working with key customers to understand their processes and how Lupl can transform and enhance them. This has enabled us to publish five new, publicly available Solution Templates in the Lupl app.

    So, What Are They?

    We’ve developed the templates in a number of different areas to demonstrate their versatility. Here’s a brief run-down of the templates and their key offerings:

    1. Managing a Multi-Jurisdictional Regulatory Review

    • Gather and track fee quotes from local counsel, outside of email.
    • Collect advice and invoices from local counsel, also outside of email.
    • Export a copy of all advice received once complete.

    2. Processing Data Subject Access Requests

    • Manage and keep on top of your client’s DSARs.
    • Use a standard checklist to ensure compliance.
    • Maintain an asset register on behalf of your client.

    3. Managing a Dispute

    • Handle the day-to-day project management of your matter.
    • Maintain a witness tracker, complete with witness statements and signatures.
    • Centrally manage other workstreams, including expert onboarding, document review and your key documents.

    4. Coordinating Directory Submissions

    • Gather work highlights from various practice groups.
    • Keep track of approvals and deadlines.
    • Maintain a central list of referees.

    5. Managing a Real Estate Investment Acquisition

    • Use a tracker for the key transaction documents.
    • Keep abreast of activity across all workstreams, such as titles and surveys, construction, financing, technical advisory and tax.
    • Centrally manage the budget.


    Leverage Lupl matter solution templates to unlock the potential of your firm's legal knowledge, empowering users with a customizable template library. Easily leverage past successes and best practices for new projects.


    Want To Learn More?

    We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to our Customer Success team to find out more about building out your own Solution Templates with Lupl or to ask us a question.

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