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Lupl matter solution templates

Enhance Your Legal Practice: Explore 5 Innovative Public Solution Templates on Lupl

Matter templates have been a core to Lupl since the early days. Templates provide a starting point, eliminate the blank…

Law Firm Business Development Starts and Ends with Tech

At the beginning of last year Bruce Baude, Global Chief Technology Officer of Deloitte Legal stated that the use of…

Unlocking Potential: How Lupl Facilitates Professional Development

Navigating the complex realm of legal matter management can be challenging, especially for new lawyers or junior associates who are…

How Can LPM Software Elevate Your Practice?  

Legal Project Management (LPM) is not a new concept. Still, it has become more relevant and essential in the legal…

Lupl's News You Can Use

December News You Can Use

It’s that time of year again! ❄️ As we cozy up to the holiday season and reflect on 2023, we…

Practical AI Benefits: Lupl’s Enhanced User Experience 

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be new, since the release of GPT-3 there has been an explosion of Generative…

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