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UI or AI in Legal Tech? Which One Should Chief Knowledge Officers Invest In?

Artificial intelligence (AI). What was once a futuristic idea is now a present reality, opening up new frontiers for automating…

Why Lupl is All You Need for Legal Task Management

Did you know 48% of legal departments claim that improving processes and workflows is a top priority?1 And did you…

lupl newsletter

News You Can Use – June 2023

Legal technology is revolutionizing the way lawyers work at a rapid pace. In an industry plagued with slow tech adoption,…

Two men in business meeting

What Lupl Can Do to Improve Legal Knowledge Management

Did you know that only 14% of law firms believe that technology is driving efficiency and productivity to its full…

Lupl use case library is now available

Unlock The Full Potential Of Lupl With The Use Case Library  

In the dynamic world of legal project management and collaboration, adaptability, and innovation are crucial. We at Lupl, the leading…

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News You Can Use – May 2023

Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in this month’s “news you can use.” Here’s what you will find…

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