Lupl’s ILTACON 2023 Experience: Igniting Legal Tech Connections

Lupl at ILTACON 2023 in Orlando, Florida

What an exhilarating journey it has been at ILTACON 2023! As the dust is settling, we are filled with excitement over the insightful conversations, innovative technologies, and impactful connections that took place last week in Orlando. This year’s conference demonstrates the legal industry is ready for exponential growth and advancement. Throughout the event, Booth #200…

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Lupl at Legalweek 2023

Legalweek is here again and this year the focus is on addressing the changing legal landscape! This one week in New York City is the perfect opportunity to network with some of the industry’s most innovative thought leaders, bolster your professional development and gain invaluable insights into today’s ever-changing market. From restructuring, rebuilding, and reinvigorating…

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Lupl at the 7th IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference

The lawyers of the Asia Pacific region are coming together for the 7th #IBAAPF! From staying abreast of ever-evolving industry developments, to offering thought leadership on ESG compliance and navigating dispute resolution clauses, lawyers in Singapore and beyond will get insights on the latest legal trends surrounding Asian trade agreements, legal tech, asset recovery on…

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Top Legal Tech Events to Attend in 2023

Everyone is ready to be back in person and the conference circuit is buzzing! There are more chances than ever to learn, network and increase your legal skills. Here is a list of top legal events to check out in 2023.   The Masters Conference Miami – January 24 The Masters Conference kicks off this…

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Lupl at ILTACON 2022: Our 4 Key Takeaways

Building with pink overlay

This year’s International Legal Technology Conference (ILTACON) has come and gone, with more than 3,000 attendees passing through its virtual and physical doors. If you don’t know ILTACON, you should: it’s a globally-renowned conference dedicated to bringing technological transformation to the legal industry. So it was no surprise that myself and others in the Lupl…

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Innovators of Law: Conjuring Your Conference Superpowers

Wow! What a fun and informative discussion we had on the latest episode of Lupl’s Innovators of Law Series! If you missed it, you’ve come to the right place. Our conversation was aimed at helping people gain confidence and achieve their goals at their next conference or big networking event. Lupl’s Director of Growth, Kalina…

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Shifting from a Product-Focused to a Value-Based Website

Kalina Leopold's podcast

Kalina Leopold, Lupl’s Senior Manager of Customer Success & Growth, recently had the chance to sit down with the folks at Pathmonk for a chat about Lupl’s market and growth strategy. Lupl helps legal teams and law firms easily organize, track and collaborate on legal matters. With so much happening in the legal matter management…

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The Ambivert’s Conference Survival Guide

I have always loved being around people. People give me so much energy! (Flow state is real, more on this later). So, when I started going to conferences at 19 as an Event Marketer, I quickly realized that chatting with strangers was not only exciting, but it came easy to me. What didn’t come easy…

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