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Introducing the Next Generation of Lupl

Matt Pollins

Matt Pollins

Lupl unveils the biggest feature release to date
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    • Lupl’s second-generation platform delivers a revolution in legal project management. 
    • The new release is the result of 12 months of development. 
    • Key enhancements included embedded AI, automation and highly flexible workflows to enable Lupl to be used by any lawyer on any type of legal matter. 

    Welcome to the next generation of Lupl! 

    12 months ago, we sat down with our customers and partners to map out the future of the Lupl platform. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the fruits of those efforts. 

    Building on our first-generation platform, this update unleashes the power of AI, automation, and highly flexible workflows on every type of legal matter to help lawyers and their clients get to “closed,” “won,” and “done” faster and with better outcomes. 

    So, let us show you around!

    Workstreams: The ultimate legal project management tool

    Meet Workstreams, a powerful and flexible tool to help you plan, organize, and deliver your matters.

    Lupl Workstreams are the ultimate LPM tool.

    Plan. At the start of your matter, workstreams allow you to develop a scope of work, budget, work plan, and more, using templates, a previous matter, or Lupl’s intuitive building blocks. 

    Organize. Inside each Workstream, you’ll find a comprehensive toolkit for managing and moving legal work forward, including Checklists, Steps Plans, Issues Lists, Trial Prep, Approvals, Local Counsel Trackers, and Work Allocation tools. Add as many Custom Columns as you like, making the feature endlessly flexible and scalable. 

    Deliver. You can export your Workstreams to Word and Excel in one click, allowing you to share work product with clients and stakeholders, whether they’re in the platform or not. 

    Learn more about Workstreams.

    Forms: No-code form builder for intake, counsel coordination, client feedback, and more

    Before we tell you about Forms, let us tell you about Jessica. 

    We met Jessica in November 2022. She’s an Associate at an international law firm. She spends a lot of her time managing international projects – getting fee quotes from local counsel, reviewing advice memos, and packaging it into actionable output for the client. 

    In one case, Jessica was managing 50 local counsel - 50 email threads, 50 legal memos, and everything being tracked manually in Excel. And we heard from others like Jessica across departments and practice areas who were running into the same issues.  

    It was a lightbulb moment for us. And that’s why we built Forms. 

    Forms is an automated, no-code form builder that lets you capture the information you need for your matter with zero manual effort.

    no-code forms

    No more juggling multiple email threads or sifting through legal memos that don’t answer the question. With our new Forms feature, a few clicks is all it takes to customize, generate, and send out a Form. Then, sit back as Form responses land directly in your Workstream, organized exactly how you want them. Form respondents don’t even need to be in Lupl. 

    Forms have endless use cases, but some of our favorites are matter intake, regulatory projects, approvals, procurement, due diligence, and client feedback. 

    Say goodbye to that stack of legal memos - learn more about Forms.

    LuplAI – Your Virtual Legal Project Manager

    ai project manager

    Did you know that 50% of legal work is work about work? All the admin that goes into moving work forward. 

    While plenty of great tools on the market are looking at AI applications in drafting, research, and review, our vision for AI is a bit different. We’re focused on the other 50%.

    And it all starts with helping you plan and scope your matters better.  


    🪄 Email Magic 

    You told us that your matters usually begin with an email – maybe it’s an email from the client or a request from another department or colleague. To make it totally frictionless, you can now simply forward your email to your firm’s unique matter creation email in Lupl and we’ll automatically build the matter for you. This includes helping you build a scope of work, a checklist/steps plan, a budget (coming soon), and auto-filing your documents.  

    ✍️ Scope with Prompt 

    Create a matter in Lupl with a simple text prompt. Get a plan for success in less than 60 seconds. 

    💻 Customized for Your Organization 

    LuplAI is designed to let you work your way. You can customize it by area of law or jurisdiction. You can connect your AI model of choice. You can embed your firm’s unique requirements into matter opening and closing checklists.  


    🔒 Secure & Compliant 

    LuplAI is designed to support your firm’s security and compliance requirements. Input will never be used to train the model, and everything is subject to our stringent SOC 2 and ISO-aligned controls.  

    Lupl’s Virtual LPM (vLPM) solution is being rolled out in beta. Want to take it for a spin? Contact to request beta access.  

    Integrated Knowledge

    99% of knowledge on legal matters never gets captured for reuse. We want to change that – and we’ve added a suited of new features we call “Integrated Knowledge”.

    These include: 

    • Build a Matter from a Template
    • Import Workstreams from Templates  
    • Template Builder 
    • Save Existing Matter as a Template 
    • Clone Matter 

    Practice law your way and never reinvent the wheel again. So, if your litigation becomes a mediation or your M&A engagement expands into post-closing tasks, you can access the knowledge you need from the beginning to the end of the matter. 

    Enhanced Views

    We heard that users want a bird’s eye view of how their matters are progressing, with the ability to see real-time progress bars and sort by client or tag. 

    The new “Matters” screen has all this and more, providing all team members with better visibility of matter progress and health.

    enhanced views

    So Much More!

    Here are just some of the other great enhancements we’re delivering in this feature release. 

    📧 Auto-Email Filing 

    Every matter in Lupl has a unique email address. Our new auto-filing feature automatically saves your email attachments to your connected DMS. You spend less time trawling through your inbox for the document you need or manually filing emails. 

    📝 Manage Signatures in Lupl 

    As part of our collaboration with the Ministry of Law in Singapore, we’ve expanded our DocuSign integration to make managing electronic signatures a breeze. Push for signatures, see who's signed and who hasn't, manage envelopes, and more, all without leaving Lupl. 

    🔗 iManage & Net Docs 

    We’ve made some major improvements to our iManage and Net Docs integrations to help you organize your documents. You can now create subfolders in Lupl and have them sync across to iManage and Net Docs – and vice versa. You can also manage versions more easily, with version history on each document. And comparing versions is easier than ever with integrated comparison. 

    🛡️ ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 

    We’ve long aligned our practices with these international standards. We’ve held SOC 2 Type 1 since our earliest days. We’ve recently completed our audits under ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2, giving our customers even more comfort that their information is secured to the highest international standards. 

    ↔️ Open API – Connect your PMS and more 

    We’ve rolled out additional endpoints in our Open API. Now, you can easily connect your Practice Management System and auto-create Lupl matters from other systems.  

    🔔 Notifications: Stay Updated 

    We've introduced a dedicated Notifications feature. All your important updates are now centralized, ensuring you never miss an update. With Notification Preferences, you control of what updates you receive and when. 

    🏃‍♂️ Performance Improvements: Smoother, Faster Lupl 

    With Lupl's growing usage, we've made significant performance improvements to keep up with the pace. Expect a smoother, faster experience, allowing you to manage your matters more efficiently. 

    What’s next?

    We're thrilled for you to experience Lupl's biggest feature release to date. With these exciting updates, we aim to make managing your matters more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly. But we are not done! We have some more exciting improvements to come, including: 

    • Enhancements to Roles & Permissions 
    • Enhancements to Partner/Manager-Level Views 
    • Additional AI and Automation Features 
    • And more! 

    We can’t wait to hear your feedback! 

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