Introducing the Next Generation of Lupl

Lupl unveils the biggest feature release to date

Lupl’s second-generation platform delivers a revolution in legal project management.  The new release is the result of 12 months of development.  Key enhancements included embedded AI, automation and highly flexible workflows to enable Lupl to be used by any lawyer on any type of legal matter.  Welcome to the next generation of Lupl!  12 months…

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Introducing Workstreams by Lupl

Lupl is a revolutionary way to plan, organize, and deliver your next matter

A revolutionary new way to plan, organize and deliver your next matter. In law, every practice area is different. An M&A transaction has little in common with litigation. Asset financing is markedly different from a data privacy matter.   But despite their differences, there are common threads. Most matters have (or should have!) a budget,…

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So Long, Stack of Legal Memos

streamline the management of multi-jurisdictional legal projects

It’s time to streamline the management of multi-jurisdictional legal projects. At a time when business is becoming increasingly international, a new role has emerged in law firms – that of the international lawyer.   International lawyers regularly work on multi-jurisdictional projects. Whether they’re advising a tech company on privacy regulations across EMEA, a media company on…

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Security Spotlight: The Importance of SOC 2 Certification in Legal Tech Vendors 

The Importance of SOC 2 Certification in Legal Tech Vendors

In an increasingly digital world, data security is more critical than ever. Especially when it comes to legal services, where the data in question often includes highly sensitive personal and professional information. Legal technology, often known as legal tech, is being increasingly adopted to streamline legal operations, enhance efficiency and deliver superior client services. However,…

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How will LegalTech affect you?

In Mid-July, The Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and Lupl launched the Legal Tech Platform (LTP) in Singapore, which was a multi-year collaboration between the two to help Singapore law firms adopt and successfully use technology. The LTP is a matter management and collaboration platform designed to streamline legal workflows and integrate with LegalTech tools commonly…

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5 Lessons From Law Firm Data Breaches

Computer hacker stealing data

Law firms hold a treasure trove of sensitive information. Contact information. Personal data. Information that might be damaging to clients’ reputations. And yet, compared to other industries, many law firms don’t protect this information as securely. This lack of proper security has been demonstrated in the number of recent high-profile law firm data breaches (as…

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Lupl and Tessaract Collaborate to Accelerate Digitalization of Legal Workflows

Two people collaborating

Lupl is pleased to announce a global partnership with (Tessaract), a Singapore based B2B SaaS technology provider. Tessaract provides firms with robust practice management tools to, among others, automate their accounting and billing workflows. This is Lupl’s first partnership with a practice management system solution and enriches the scope of integrations available to Lupl…

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Five Tips for Newly-Promoted Law Firm Partners

young man who is recently promoted

So, you polished up your business case, crunched the numbers on your financial projections, navigated all the interviews and assessments, and anxiously waited for news of the partnership promotion process. And…you did it! You’re now officially a law firm partner. So…now what? We asked law firm partners what the first year of partnership is really…

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New to Legal – What’s that like?

Woman new to legal industry

As we get closer to June and graduation month, I couldn’t help but think about transitions. From rainy Spring days to hot summer nights. The nervous hope of going from student to graduate. The excited anticipation of pivoting into a new career. So I thought it would be fun to sit down with two of…

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