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Why Lupl is All You Need for Legal Task Management

Kalina Leopold

Kalina Leopold

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    Did you know 48% of legal departments claim that improving processes and workflows is a top priority?1

    And did you also know that task management is central to achieving faster, more effective workflows? After all, what is a workflow if not a series of tasks to be done? Good task management works because it:

    • Ensures that the right tasks are given to the right people at the right time.
    • Provides team-wide visibility into what needs doing and when.
    • Enables legal teams to provide clear and reliable delivery times for clients.

    So how do you go about improving your task management processes? The answer, of course, is with the right tech. The problem is, with so many options to choose from, how do you know which tech is “right”?

    With only 14% of law firms stating that technology is driving efficiency and productivity to the level they believe is possible,2 it’s clear that many lawyers are missing out on the tech they need to drive better processes and achieve better results.

    There are plenty of legal task management software platforms out there. Many of them cover task management and nothing else, making them just another tool to pile on top of all the others you already use. Then there are those that don’t prioritize task management enough.

    The challenge for IT directors is to improve their tech stack – and that means adopting technology that not only revolutionizes task management for lawyers but also transforms other parts of the legal matter process.

    In other words, that means Lupl. And in this article, we’ll explain why.

    Task Management Done Your Way

    Legal task management isn’t just a fancy term for giving people stuff to do. It’s a critical process that ensures that legal matters run smoothly and that the people responsible for making them a success have everything they need.

    There isn’t a single gold-standard way to distribute responsibility. In reality, every legal firm has its own unique approach to matter management. Lupl recognizes this, allowing you to:

    • Assign people not just to specific matters, but also to specific tasks within those matters.
    • Assign multiple people to a single task.
    • Link tasks together with documents – this ensures that lawyers have easy access to the information they need while providing transparency for team members.
    • Assign reviews and auto-chase people for input.

    And all this functionality is available in one place. So no more switching between multiple different apps. No more wasted hours searching for the information you need to do the job.

    As Ling Ling Luo, founding partner of Luo Ling LLC, has learned, Lupl helps you get stuff done faster and smarter: “We have to micromanage lots of little tasks. Lupl is great for assigning tasks to team members.”

    So what does this all mean for your law firm? Well, the better your task management processes, the better the outcomes of your legal matters – and the faster you’ll be able to deliver results for your clients.

    In a world where 82% of law firms believe that client expectations around service delivery speed have increased in the last two years,3 the importance of getting task management right cannot be understated. Lupl is how you meet – and exceed – your clients’ expectations.

    Further reading: For a deeper dive into legal project management and how technology can streamline and enhance it, check out our article: What You Don’t Know About Legal Matter Management in 2023.

    Educating the Team

    Legal matter management can be a daunting process for junior legal professionals. To compound this issue, without the right tech, it can be difficult for senior lawyers to effectively support younger staff members.

    Once again, Lupl can help. Our task management user interface (UI) lets junior lawyers know exactly where they stand in the matter process – and exactly what they need to do next.

    For senior lawyers, Lupl is a great way to track the progress of young lawyers, monitor their work, and provide the support they need to progress. For example, by linking tasks to documents, senior lawyers can provide helpful training materials for their understudies.

    Further reading: We’re always looking for ways to enhance Lupl’s features and unlock powerful new use cases. To learn more about the latest additions to our groundbreaking legal project management software, read our Q1 2023 Product Update.

    Not Just a Task Management Platform

    Lupl transforms the legal task management process, making it simpler, more transparent, and more customizable.

    But Lupl is much more than a task management platform. It transforms the entire ecosystem of your firm.

    Take access to information, for example. Locating the legal documents, research, and papers that lawyers need to move forward with a matter can be a major barrier to productivity. With Lupl, you can collate and store all the information you need in one place, allowing you to:

    • Provide easy access to information for your team members at all times.
    • Remove efficiency bottlenecks.
    • Eliminate information silos.

    When it comes to legal tech, Lupl has a “bring your own system” approach. Integrations and APIs allow you to connect platforms that were previously scattered all over the place. For example, you can connect Lupl to tools like WhatsApp, Clio, Literata, and DocuSign, allowing for seamless workflows across multiple tools.

    So instead of jumping from one platform to the next and back again, you can access your entire tech stack via one central hub – Lupl. You have everything you need in one place: tools, documents, tasks, statuses, and messaging. Your legal team can work in a way that suits them, without shaking up their entire work process.

    If you’d like to see how Lupl could transform your legal tasks management processes and beyond, book a free demo today.

    Everything that matters in one place, with Lupl.

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