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Collaboration: When the least change is the best change

Here’s a foundational question for you – has the way the legal industry works really changed that much over the…

Lupl app security

5 Powerful Features of Lupl You Might Not Know About

Let’s be honest, legal technology has been slow to move with the times. With only 37% of law firms currently…

Building with pink overlay

Lupl at ILTACON 2022: Our 4 Key Takeaways

This year’s International Legal Technology Conference (ILTACON) has come and gone, with more than 3,000 attendees passing through its virtual…

10 LPM Templates to Speed Up Client Delivery

As lawyers, legal project management is your bread and butter. It’s what you’re doing every day: gathering information, ticking off…

How will LegalTech affect you?

In Mid-July, The Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and Lupl launched the Legal Tech Platform (LTP) in Singapore, which was a…

Computer hacker stealing data

5 Lessons From Law Firm Data Breaches

Law firms hold a treasure trove of sensitive information. Contact information. Personal data. Information that might be damaging to clients’…

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