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Category: Legal Tech Adoption

Shifting from a Product-Focused Website to a Value-Based Website

Kalina Leopold, Lupl’s Senior Manager of Customer Success & Growth, recently had the chance to.

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Legal Workflow Software for Up-and-Coming Practice Areas of 2022

The legal industry is constantly changing. With new technology, including legal workflow software, being developed.

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New to Legal- What’s that like

As we get closer to June and graduation month, I couldn’t help but think about.

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Legal Tech: The Best Tech Gadgets that Every Legal Professional Needs

Technology is changing the way that things get done. Across nearly every industry, new tech.

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Five Ways Legal Tech is Changing the Future of Law

Technology is redefining the legal field. It is the new normal in an industry that.

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Why Data Security is Important for Legal Tech (ABA Rule 1.6 and Beyond)

Digital security matters. A recent report cited by The Washington Post noted that global data.

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