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2023 Product Recap – New Features & Improvement

Morgan Hedges

Morgan Hedges

Lupl 2023 product update
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    2023 was an amazing year! 

    We shipped many new features, enabling new ways of working, and made significant improvements, which led to the creation of thousands of new legal matters on Lupl.  Our continuous improvement makes Lupl the legal task management and legal project management platform for high-performing teams.  

    The Lupl product team works in 3-week sprints, enabling us to swiftly implement impactful modifications based on user feedback, solidifying Lupl’s position as the leading legal project management software for law firms.

    In this post, we highlight some of the biggest features and improvements we added this past year.

    Next-Gen Legal Project Management Platform

    Too much of legal work is managing legal work. With the release of the next generation of Lupl, we continued our mission to make your legal work as efficient as possible. There were so many improvements and new features introduced during this version.  

    The new Lupl provided enhanced views with the “All Matters” screen. This provides better visibility of matter progress and health. You get a bird’s eye view of how matters are progressing, with the ability to see real-time progress bars and sort by client or tag. 

    We also introduced Workstreams. Workstreams are a powerful and flexible way to help you plan and develop a scope, budget, work plan, and more. Now, you can track absolutely anything related to your legal work in Lupl. 

    Lupl Workstreams are the ultimate LPM tool.

    Lastly, we added Lupl Forms. An automated, no-code form builder that lets you capture the information you need for your matter with zero manual effort. 


    With the advancement of AI, we’ve always been on the lookout to harness the value it could bring to our users. Fast forward to August 2023, we released Lupl AI, launched as a preview beta, to tackle one of the biggest challenges with legal project management tools – getting started. With Lupl, users could already create new matters in less than 10 seconds. 

    Now, starting a new matter is as easy as forwarding the email to Lupl. Our AI will automatically create the matter and generate a scope of work, steps plan, and more – while also auto-filing your documents. Alternatively, you leverage the AI in a more traditional way by providing a prompt with relevant details to create your matter.

    Roles & Permissions 

    Lupl is utilized by law firms to manage internal projects and also to invite clients into the matter to extend the platform as a shared desk that enables collaboration and effective working. 

    But what if you want to invite others to your matter but don’t want them to have access to Documents? Or maybe you want to collaborate on documents but have an internal-only workflow that you want to utilize Workstreams for?  

    We’ve extended Lupl’s roles and permission, allowing you to lock down any part of the matter to others using customized matter roles! 

    Solution Templates

    Matter templates already offer time-saving tools to help you re-use your best work. Solution templates take this one step further. You can now create templates that include any custom workstream, from Tasks, Issue Lists, and WIP trackers.  

    A number of public Solution Templates are available to all Lupl users, and of course, you can create your own easily. 

    Security & Compliance

    Security is table stakes for LegalTech software. At Lupl, we are committed to safeguarding client data and also offering an added layer of protection, ensuring robust systems for risk mitigation and business continuity. Lupl secured two international security certifications – ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 – which together represent the international gold standard in information security. 

    🚀 Other awesome updates 

    In addition to these highlights, we also added: 

    • Excel and Word export of Workstreams 
    • Made it even easier to get matter-specific emails into Lupl 
    • Improvements to notifications and activities 
    • Improved search experience  
    • Speed improvements to make Lupl a joy to use 

    … And a lot more improvements and bug fixes. 

    Want to dive deeper? You can read the Q1, Q2, and Q3 product updates.  

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