Why Be a Lighthouse When You Can Be a Candle?

Why Be a Candle When You Can Be a Lighthouse LPM Webinar

Lupl recently hosted the “Illuminating the Path with LPM webinar, featuring a panel of experts from across the legal field. The panelists included Ericka Davis, Legal Project Manager at EDP Renewables, Trisha Wright, Project Coordinator at DecisionQuest, and India Preston, Director of Platforms Solutions at Lupl. Guiding this discussion was Kalina Leopold, Lupl’s Director of…

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How Can Lupl Be Customized to Suit Specific Practice Areas?

Customize Lupl to fit your legal practice area

The legal landscape is diverse, with each practice area’s unique requirements and challenges. Customization in legal tech is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Lupl, with its innovative features, offers a solution that can be tailored to various practice areas. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into how Lupl’s specific features can be…

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Key Selling Points for Pitching Legal Project Management Software

Selling Points for Legal Project Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal practice, staying ahead requires more than just exceptional legal skills. It demands efficient management of projects, tasks, and teams. This is where legal project management software emerges as a transformative tool, increasing efficiency, improving collaboration, and revolutionizing the way law firms operate. However, it can be difficult to garner…

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Introducing Workstreams by Lupl

Lupl is a revolutionary way to plan, organize, and deliver your next matter

A revolutionary new way to plan, organize and deliver your next matter. In law, every practice area is different. An M&A transaction has little in common with litigation. Asset financing is markedly different from a data privacy matter.   But despite their differences, there are common threads. Most matters have (or should have!) a budget,…

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So Long, Stack of Legal Memos

streamline the management of multi-jurisdictional legal projects

It’s time to streamline the management of multi-jurisdictional legal projects. At a time when business is becoming increasingly international, a new role has emerged in law firms – that of the international lawyer.   International lawyers regularly work on multi-jurisdictional projects. Whether they’re advising a tech company on privacy regulations across EMEA, a media company on…

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How Lupl Enables Efficient Matter Management

Streamlining Legal Work

LexMundi hosts frequent meetings for their member firms to keep them abreast of leading legal technologies and how they might impact the delivery of legal service. Lupl was invited to deliver a session to the LexMundi member firms on the benefits of legal project management, enabling effective delivery of legal service and improving the client…

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Unlock The Full Potential Of Lupl With The Use Case Library  

Lupl use case library is now available

In the dynamic world of legal project management and collaboration, adaptability, and innovation are crucial. We at Lupl, the leading LPM and collaboration platform for legal professionals, understand these challenges and continually strive to equip you with resources that enhance your use of our platform. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight our Lupl Use Case Library…

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CMS Customer Story: A Central Hub for Collaboration

A Central Hub for Collaboration CMS chose Lupl to coordinate across its international practice and sector groups. The result? Smarter collaboration and better integration across its global teams.  Background With more than 5,000 lawyers in 70+ locations, CMS is one of the world’s largest law firms. Its scale and footprint enables it to support clients…

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Where Lupl Matters: Managing an International Regulatory Project

Lupl helps move legal work forward on International Regulatory Matters

What is it? Regulatory frameworks are legal mechanisms that exist across most sectors and around the world. They are designed to control and monitor organizations and sectors in order to protect consumers, investors and the environment, among other things. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules in line with its cultural and constitutional values,…

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How 10,000 Lawyers Redefined Legal Collaboration

You know what it’s like when a new app is added to your tech stack. It’s meant to enhance collaboration, but somehow makes the whole process more frustrating. Or, worse, after using it for a while it ends up sitting there, unused. Often this happens because the people creating tools for lawyers aren’t lawyers themselves.…

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